The Soviet Union upheaval of the Cultural Perspective

Date of publication:2005-3   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Ma Longshan   Pages:429   Words:340000  

Book by Marx materialism, culture and thought pattern of the Soviet Union conducted a comprehensive study, analysis of its formation, establishment, development, evolution and the fossilization process, in close contact with Soviet economic mode, its own characteristics, and its influence to the drastic changes in the Soviet union. The book is rich in historical materials, strict, with higher academic value.
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Malone, born in 1941, Henan Shan, Yiyang. In 1967 the Peking University Department of Russian language and literature studies and contemporary literature of Soviet graduate. The part-time professor of Wenzhou University researchers, the study of world history China Academy of Social Sciences, Institute of China Russia & Eastern Europe and Central Asia director, China history of Soviet Union and Eastern Europe research director. Long term study of Russian history, participated in and chaired a number of National Social Science
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General: the ideological and cultural perspective on the cause of the drastic changes in the Soviet Union the first chapter Soviet cultural thought early and theory of cultural evolution, struggle and a 20's Soviet experience culture trend: from the "proletarian" to "rap" two Bukharin's proletarian culture theory and Lenin's cultural revolution thought three Lenin period the historical experience of the cultural civilization four Bukharin and the 1925 literature policy resolution of second chapter Soviet ideology of "great transformation" and a Soviet style system of twenty or thirty's communicative ideological "great transformation" two Stalin ideological and cultural system in the "big change" formed in the third chapter the ideology of "Criticism" and the thought theory of the rigid a Stalin era ideological struggle two 30 of the Soviet Union in the philosophy of social science and art three Post War Soviet ideology criticism and political purges the fourth chapter the post Stalin period of Ideological and cultural development of a "thaw" thoughts and Khrushchev period of Ideological and cultural adjustment of the Soviet Union in two overweight 50-60 field of thought and culture change in the three period of Khrushchev thought culture twists and turns The development of Ideological and cultural and historical lesson four Brezhnev period of stagnation and decline of the lessons of history evolution and cultural ideology management five Brezhnev period delay technology revolution and its consequences chapter fifth Soviet cultural system of a Soviet censorship system of Party and state development impact failure two Soviet reform profound historical and cultural reasons, the three from Stalin to Goba Geoff: a historical and dialectic evolution of four Soviet Party and state leadership culture and the ideology of the lessons of history
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  •   It systematically from the cultural perspective to explain the drastic changes in the Soviet Union, is also from the interpretation of basic system. Experts at the same time the author also Russian Literature

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