The scientific principle of Christmas

Date of publication:2004-8-1   Press: Shantou University press   Author:Roger Highfield Zhuang Shengxiong   Pages:301   Words:184000  

Why is Rudolf so red nose reindeer? What the star of Bethlehem which is a star in the sky? Santa Claus how can within very short night, the people's Armed Forces Department gifts to estimate that as many as eight hundred and forty-two million families?
in "scientific principle" Christmas in a book, science and technology award winning journalist, Dr. Roger Hayfield (Dr.Roger Highfeld), plays a guiding role of elves, with readers to explore the most loved Christmas dribs and drabs, including a variety of ritual Christmas and has character and image symbols, and starting from a new and interesting scientific point of view. The latest research report
hayfield, references, mathematics, genetics, chemistry, physics, psychology and anthropology, astronomy, -- Discussion of these issues: reindeer really can fly? Snowflakes are formed? A scientist must do, to ensure that every year Christmas snow "white Christmas"? Many people like to eat Christmas dinner in the cabbage, which causes what physiologically? Santa Claus why so fat? After the holidays, why are we so depressed and melancholy?
from the glittering Christmas trees (including true tree and replication tree), to the tacky Santa (even those who make music Christmas card), from how to roast turkey in the oven, to our Christmas shopping, "scientific principle" Christmas is an irresistible guided tour investigation and research, is a full of wisdom, not only feel happy, more knowledge.
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Dr. Roger Hayfield, London's "Daily Telegraph" science editor. He majored in chemistry at the University of Oxford, and a PhD in philosophy. He co authored and three other author of three best-selling books, including "arrow of time", "Einstein's private life" and "complex". Hayfield has received numerous Journalism Awards, now lives in Britain.
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The origin of publishing and create a new view of scientific paper recommended the spirit of Christmas, Christmas and scientists first chapter second chapter Santa and the reindeer miracle third chapter and fourth chapter flame tree gift and Shopping Christmas Food fifth chapter sixth chapter gluttony -- genetic Santa's transfer in Chapter seventh, the star of Bethlehem eighth chapter ninth chapter Christmas Spirits of snow the tenth chapter and the eleventh chapter of sentimental melancholy Festival Christmas Santa Claus Christmas 2020 science twelfth chapter appendix
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