The Royal treasure

Date of publication:2004-5   Press: The world knowledge press   Author:Hu Minggang   Pages´╝Ü206  

This book is about the basic for the royal or hidden in the court or directly with the Royal some antique treasures help anecdotes. Beijing's Liulichang, it turned out to be a court production of glazed tile place, with some royal breath. In the late Qing Dynasty, from the palace of Huang Jiazhen's treasure are living here, and then was removed in the folk.
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Hu Minggang, young writers. Born in twentieth Century 60, Zhejiang Tiantai people. Began writing in 1985, in the "Chinese prose", "literary newspaper", "literary newspaper", "Guangming Daily", "Jiangnan", "Beijing literature" and other newspapers published novels, prose, poetry, literature and other kinds of works of 400 pieces of 80 words. Author of "essay", "toad in Tiantai travel" and other books. Now the North
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In the pre Qin period, the Royal sacrificial vessel has a Ding Shang Jack mother Secretary Ding San's disk and Guo Jizi white disc Qin Shigu earth went from Wu Yuebao sword rainbow gem about Royal ritual in Qin and Han Dynasties on the red king Yu Xi Qin Shihuang stele there cannot distinguish between real and false "apprenticeship" Ode "eg. calm quote" Xi back to Wang Xizhi and "Lanting Pavilion" order "sanxitang" said "Sanxi" "Lo River map" and "admonitions scroll" Sui Tang and Five Dynasties period China Song landscape painting "spring outing" Junchen Yimo set a Tang Dynasty "news pictures" and "king of the excellent drawing skills and elegant style" Taizong horse is drawing the lives of six steed............ During the song and Yuan Dynasties during the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the conclusion
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