The rise and fall of the salon

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: The world knowledge press   Author:He Zhaowu   Pages:312   Words:260000  

"Salon" is one of the modern western culture in the history of the most beautiful eye-catching scenery line. It's from fifteenth Century to nineteenth Century was the most concentrated social and cultural life of upper Western places, often around a time trend and fashion. A famous salon will often have an excellent hostess. Gathered around the famous scholar of many contemporaries. From the Renaissance to Lukrizia Borja Ninon Ranklo, Queen Christina, till 19, the nineteenth Century summer Dudley lady, Lei Carmel sad lady and a series of salon hostess, in the author's beautiful words, are true to life likeness in the reader's eyes before the resurrection.
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He Zhaowu, born in 1921, from Hunan to Yueyang. In 1943 graduated from the southwest United University, Tsinghua University research 1943-1946. The current study of ideology and culture, Tsinghua University. Author of "Chinese thought development history", "history of ideas", "Chinese historical rational critique on", "history and history", "contemporary western historiography theory" and "translation" social contract theory and several kinds of.
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The first volume of the first chapter of Renaissance sacred 艾索塔 and her circle of the second chapter of the third chapter Craigie seminar Lou Krizia Borja and her muse. Court fourth chapter La Prima Donna del Mondo[the first lady] the fifth chapter ur noir castle in the sixth chapter the seventh chapter night happy Venice geisha eighth chapter Tasso the first chapter introduction, second volumes of Baroque Lang 布意叶 mansion second: La Belle Ninon (beautiful, Lennon) the third chapter the Athena in Rome chapter fourth love paradise third volumes of Rococo introduction chapter Les Jours d 'Appartement [day] apartment second chapter Embarquement Poru Cythere set sail] [toward Sidell third: Grandes Nuits de Seaux[Saiao grand party] the fourth chapter XI Rui's pastoral poetry the fifth chapter Rhine Sberg and Sans Souci [free] the sixth chapter house of St. ang nole Street Kingdom fourth volumes of perceptual life introduction the first chapter encyclopedia Muse second chapter Knight Bayle Lixing root and noble soul circle the third chapter 威图姆 palace dream fifth the volume of romance and knowledge introduction The first chapter of Greek style dinner second chapter ray Carmel and Madame third chapter Berlin little woman fourth: Le Congres Dansant [dancing meeting]
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