The Renaissance in Florence

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"Series of classical and modern art" a total of 10 books: "the Greek art", "art", "Rome wind Gothic art", "art", "the Renaissance in Florence", "Renaissance" in Rome, "Renaissance in Venice", "art", "Goya" from the Greco "impressionism". "Series of classical and modern art" covers the history of Western art from the brilliant ancient Greek, Rome period, the Great Renaissance until more artistic style impressionism of the end of nineteenth Century. "Greek art", "art Rome wind" traces back to the history of Western art brilliant source, "Gothic art" show all on the dark middle ages theological artistic brilliance to the reader, "the Renaissance in Florence", "Renaissance" in Rome, "Renaissance" in Venice again, let the reader to great the human era - the Renaissance in Western art history at that moment, "Byzantine art" in the Christian world view from the Byzantine Empire, the Christian religion and their mysterious in the eyes of the art world....... Through the tunnel through time and space art of the book building, you can enjoy a taste of the charm of Western art. The book is along the main sequence of the western art history of the world art and architecture carried out, not only to the artistic style is analyzed in detail, the arts and other fields of the essence of modern influence has carried on the thorough discussion, the author are the top experts in related fields of the world. The book is authoritative and highly readable. Italy Renaissance originated from medieval Europe's financial and commercial center in Florence. You may be familiar with the city industrial grant humanity than those of the genius - Donatello, Da Vinci, Botticelli, Michelangelo, but you know this great city is how to raise these days? The author of this book to help you understand the genius and the raised their great city.
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The first chapter defines the Impressionist MANET, Baudelaire and dandy artist chapter second Impressionist Works of female and female Impressionist artist chapter third Mo Nai and the art of the moment the fourth chapter Pissarro's political views the fifth chapter Cezanne and form the Impressionist Art Reference photograph
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The Italy Renaissance was born in Florence, a medieval financial and trade center. As everyone knows, Donatello, Botticelli, Leonardo Michelangelo, master of art have here display their talent, but for the nurse their city itself, we also know how much? Why can Florence to stimulate creativity, how to make the masters and their patronage illustrious achievements? Author Richard Turner Florence art in the city without examined with superior environment, is its unique political, social and geographic reality determines that it can become an independent school in the field of art. Based on the theme of times, as the latitude, in turn examine the history of this city, all kinds of etiquette, deep pocketed patrons (the bankers, the guild, church), it faces the pressure and competition, it inherited the legacy of ancient Rome, especially its strong sense of self. In the eyes of the people of Florence, art is not only an ornament; art has have all kinds of connections with contact with their daily life. Street and square, painting and sculpture, churches and palaces reflects the world view of a people, but also is the unique symbol of the city. In this "the Renaissance in Florence (Art Innovation)", we will meet the reputation of Lorenzo De, the charismatic religious reformer Savo Bernard Lola, humble and dignified poet Polly odd Arno, mathematician and art theorist al Betty. Here, we observe the art as the background to all levels of culture, elegant and sincere culture have both at the same time: we can see the room inside the painting, we can see the close relationship with the ritual altar painting, also can see Florence, it not only as a work of art treasure house and as a piece of art treasures in before us. Turner will micro studies of individual art works and macro discussion on cultural issues are combined skillfully, drawing a vivid picture of a non few places an extraordinary time. Richard Turner is a New York University professor of art and the humanities, "inventor" author Leonardoda.
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