The process of European Civilization

Date of publication:2003-05   Press: Sanlian Bookstore   Author:Chen Lemin Zhou Hong   Pages:407   Words:269  

The intention of writing this book is to describe the European civilization was growing, in what historical conditions of development and expansion, so as to explore the special causes and connotation of European civilization, so as to enhance mutual understanding with reference to our own. The world today is more and more into one, understanding of others is almost necessary conditions for its analysis.
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Chen Lemin born in 1930, China Academy of Social Sciences researcher, former director of the Institute of European studies. The writings of De Gaulle: "", "the Western International Relations --" 1945-1984 ", the idea of European Philosophy of history", "Mrs. Thatcher", "changes in Eastern Europe and the reconstruction of Europe", "the postwar British diplomacy" (ed.), "history of western diplomatic thoughts" (ed.), "about the existence of God and
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Preface: we in the eyes of the European civilization
the first chapter of European civilization is the source of
second chapter medieval (a) -- system originated from
third chapter of medieval European Civilization (two) -- the Christian civilization and the expansion of
fourth chapter "national" -- Modern European political and cultural characteristics of the
the fifth chapter "idea of Europe" -- Modern European political and cultural characteristics of two
sixth chapter ideological liberation
seventh chapter revolution
eighth chapter has no business not to be rich.
ninth chapter industrialization, science and modern European
tenth chapter nineteenth Century European political
eleventh chapter yesterday's European
twelfth chapter Europe and the world
thirteenth chapter of Europe and China
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