The oldest Italy wisdom

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Vico (1668-1744), Italy the great philosopher, philologist, beauty and jurist, great influence in the world of modern ideological cultural history, the famous representative of "new science", "common law" and "the Italy's ancient wisdom".
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The translator's introduction of the oldest Italy wisdom -- from Latin etymology to discover and to (1710) the first part metaphysical [message] the first verse of the first chapter of truth and creation of section second on origin of knowledge and truth in section third on Cartesian meditation by the first truth fourth anti sceptic chapter second of the genus or the concept of the third chapter on the causes of the first section of the fourth chapter on the nature of virtue or second section on metaphysics and power third day extension without power fourth day all movement is composed of fifth sections of extension matter is not stationary section sixth movement can not spread the first section of the fifth chapter on the second day the spirit and soul of the irrational soul of third Festival on the spirit of place fourth day Roman civil skepticism chapter sixth of the heart of the first section of the seventh chapter on the second day third Festival feeling ability theory of memory and imagination on the fifth day fourth Festival creativity on the knowledge of specific capacity of eighth chapter on supreme creator God second section on third section on fate and chance in section fourth theory number. The first answer to Mr Mgambatista Vico's (1711) to second of Mr. Gambatista Vico's reply (1712) specific index terms index @##@ Graham Gambatista Vico (1668 - 1744) is the modern Italy's greatest national philosopher, thinker of the modern history of the world is the greatest. He has extraordinary innovation in philosophy, history, philology, each law, aesthetics, education, anthropology, religion and so on, but also have a lot of ideas still waiting for us to digest. This book is the first monograph on the life of Vico. "On the oldest Italy wisdom" (hereinafter referred to as the "ancient wisdom") is the first monograph on the life of Vico. The seven university prior to the opening ceremony speech is out of duty and for, of which only seventh speech "methodology" of our times in a book published last year put out a pamphlet. And as Vico said, this article is for scholars, the human speech is the target of the young students. Vico had planned to write three book, but in the published the first is "metaphysics", the work is not completed. The second part is about "physics", Vico only had a thought sketch, then in 1713 out of a the only to the pamphlet "on balance" organisms.
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