The Japanese city and city culture

Date of publication:2011-1   Press: China Social Science Press.   Author:Jiang Bo Shi Xiaoting   Pages:660   Words:750000  

Jin was born in August, 1955, Hubei province. Doctor of science, Professor, Huaiyin Normal University City College of Environmental Sciences, majoring in human geography, city management, the regional culture and tourism development planning. Once was engaged in teaching and research work in Shanxi Agricultural University. Won the national study abroad fund and Shanxi provincial study abroad fund research work at Tokyo University Agricultural & Technology in Japan, and in the Chinese modern city center of a visiting scholar in East China Normal University. In addition to the professional professor also bear the Japanese curriculum school and College of foreign language teaching.
Shi Xiaoting, 1982 was born in October, Shanxi province. Master of literature, the lecturer at the Huaiyin Normal University School of foreign languages, mainly engaged in the Japanese professional undergraduate basic Japanese intensive reading, reading and listening course for English majors, second language teaching work. Research direction is mainly the comparative study of Chinese and Japanese culture and Japanese culture in the Asia Pacific region and the China spread and influence.
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The first chapter is the introduction of
> the first festival in Japan.
a summary of Japanese origin of the country name
two Japanese national
three Japanese language
four religions of Japan
five the national flower of Japan
six of Japan's constitution and Party
seven of Japan's economic
eight Japanese culture
nine China education in Japan and the relationship between
second of Japan's history.
a Jomon Yayoi
Sangu grave time
four Asuka period
five Nara era Heian era
seven Kamakura Muromachi period
nine Momoyama
ten Edo
twelve Meiji era is the era of the
thirteen Showa era
third geographical environment of Japan
a volcano
two rivers and lakes
three seasons
four and
five typhoon wind rain and snow and rain
Fourth Snow Festival of traditional Japanese culture.
a tea
two incense road

four or five sumo
six and
seven haiku
eight Noh
second chapter Japanese city system
the first city to the origin and evolution of
a city origin The theory of
two the development history of the city of
Second World City type
according to a city where the climate zone division
two according to the landform divided city.
three according to city functions division of
third Japanese city system.
a decree designated urban
the second nuclear
fourth chapter the Japanese capital and cultural capital of
fifth chapter of Japanese ancient capital and cultural ancient city
sixth chapter of Japanese ancient city and ancient cultural
seventh chapter Japan port city and city culture of
eighth chapter Japanese hot spring city and hot spring culture.
appendix world famous hot springs resort and spa culture @##@ and spatial distribution
third chapter Japanese city This book systematically studied Japanese city, city history and city culture, illustrations, rich in content, is a movie about Japan and Japanese city encyclopedia.
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