The ideological criticism, Vol.

Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Tongji University press   Author:Gao Xuanyang editor   Pages:319   Words:304000  

Gao Xuanyang, Zhejiang Hangzhou people. Life interest is the shuttle and thinking in the multidisciplinary text philosophy and the humanities and social sciences. Now the director of Shanghai Tongji University Professor, the French thought culture research center of philosophy and social science. From 1957 to 1966 in Peking University undergraduate and graduate study philosophy, bachelor's and master's degree. Screw in the study of world religions in Beijing China Academy of Social Sciences, engaged in research work
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The preface for the book series coil a language: beyond the spirit of the enlightenment in contemporary French philosophy: the secret to philosophical literature yesterday and today of the classical era: its relationship with the enlightenment philosophy and its modern significance of historical literature and anti enlightenment: broad road by the country's political philosophy research situation of Nair Ferguson "empire" or obscurantism unrelated and others: Subversion of struggle the interpretation of Derrida's political and class friendship and political implications of a French century French contemporary philosophical sense of strong and weak eighteenth Century French Enlightenment philosophy characteristic to the modern political philosophy: 列维纳 political philosophy is estimated in the reflection of enlightenment in a question: what is mature? Madness and power: the modernity of Foucault, Kant and Phenomenology: transcendental dimension Foucault Habermas debate on Derrida's philosophy of history between desire and power: Deleuze and Foucault's Thought on the interaction between Foucault's aesthetics of existence of the basic spirit of @##@ postscript The thought of "comments" is a part of the editor in chief of French culture research center of Tongji University "Tongji and French Culture Series", is mainly to study French culture home and abroad academic papers published, in each of the Yearbook form, according to different research topics published a volume. "The French review of thoughts" the first volume collection of French culture research center of Tongji University in 2004, was founded in October organized by the "enlightenment and contemporary French Philosophy" the International Symposium on most of the conference papers, including several papers on the French and German scholars, published in France in the text. Sincerely hope this promotes a comprehensive study of the academic circles of French culture, promoting the ideological and cultural exchanges between China and france.
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