The Holy Land

Date of publication:2002-09-01   Press: Jiangxi Education Publishing House   Author:Propaganda Department of the CPC Jiangxi Provincial Committee, ed.   Pages´╝Ü431  

In our great motherland has a long history in the historical process, the Chinese nation's first Jie cast made numerous historic monument, left a valuable spiritual wealth inexhaustible. The Central Propaganda Department has two named 200 national demonstration bases for patriotism education. They embody the essence Chinese historical culture, revolutionary culture and socialist construction period of the spirit of the times, is our country history review, cherish the memory of national first Jie, draw the vivid teaching material of patriotic spirit strength. Jiangxi Education Press published "the Holy Land" one book, a panoramic display of 200 national demonstration bases for patriotism education, made a very meaningful work. We hope that the publication of the book, can make more readers to understand and familiar with the bases for patriotic education, and further stimulate the patriotism, patriotic ambition, better strength to realize the reunification of the motherland and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation in the course of the.
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Charm of Zhoukoudian Ancient Ruins Museum Banpo Museum Hemudu Site Museum of Mausoleum of Yellow Emperor Yandi Ling Yu Ling Yin Ruins in Anyang Museum Confucius residence of Dujiangyan water conservancy project Qin Shihuang Terracotta Army Museum of Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes Jiayuguan the Badaling Great Wall Li Shizhen memorial the Imperial Palace Museum China History Museum of Hebei Province Museum Inner Mongolia Museum Shanghai Museum Nanjing Museum Anhui Museum Shandong Museum Henan Museum Hubei Museum of Hunan Province Museum of Shaanxi History Museum Ningxia museum the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Museum of Quanzhou sea diplomatic history museum overseas Chinese museum were seeking Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall of Lin Zexu Memorial Opium War Museum Zhoushan Opium War Museum Sanyuanli people's anti British struggle Memorial "Nanjing treaty" Historical Museum Aihui Historical Museum Old Summer Palace Ruins Park Town Haikou sea anti site day Jia Wu War Museum Lushun tomb Wanzhong Jiangzi anti British monument Xin Hai revolution memorial hall of Wuchang Uprising Memorial Hall of Sun Zhongshan Memorial Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum blood Wo the sunrise East
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Old Summer Palace is located in Northwest Beijing, is the five emperor of the Qing Dynasty in 150 years for building a large Royal Palace, was known as the "garden", "all the landscape model". Old Summer Palace history from three yuan Old Summer Palace, Changchun Garden, spring park, covers an area of about 350 hectares, is an artificial creation of the grand scale, the beautiful scenery of the landscape garden. Hydraulic flat rockery, refined garden building, planting flowers and trees, hills, winding in the discontinuous surface and pavilions, verandas, island, the bridge embankment, the vast space into size more than 100 landscape encircle, interest in different scenery group. In 1860, Britain and France for some excuse to China hindered, re invasion of China. The British and French forces occupied Tianjin, a road kill, occupied Beijing in October, broke into the Old Summer Palace, looted, burned this magnificent gorgeous Royal gardens. Now only the Western carved stone pillars, as the British and French invaders trampling China historical evidence. After the founding of new Chinese, government attaches great importance to the protection Old Summer Palace site. At present, the repair of ancient buildings has been more than 10, more than 300 on the boat. Now Old Summer Palace ruins park open area has been the site of the basic protection, numerous scenic spots is the picturesque scenery, Hayashiki Shige, flowers and fragrance, attractive scenery. At the beginning of twenty-first Century, the church, Changchun Garden Palace, Old Summer Palace palace doors and other sites of archaeological excavation and restoration is carried out step by step, large site protection construction Old Summer Palace has begun. Soon, Old Summer Palace ruins park with its complete three garden layout, picturesque scenery historical geographical landscape, very sense of hundreds of sites, advanced service and educational facilities show in the world.......
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