The historical culture and the Iran Muslim customs etiquette

Date of publication:2002-06-01   Press: National Publishing House   Author:Wang Feng Chen Dongmei   Pages:327   Words:270000  

The two rising developing country Chinese and Iran -- east and West Asia, they all have their own brilliant and splendid civilization, progress and development, human to human culture has exerted a great influence. The author of the book from his own experience of standing in the background, twenty-first Century human culture tendency, in the history, culture, religion, philosophy, aesthetics and the archaeology of grand range. A comprehensive review of the history and present situation of the Silk Road and between Iran and cultural exchanges, and focus on Lu known Iran social phenomenon as a multi angle, multi-level comprehensive investigation and study. The book is divided into upper and three parts, academics, knowledge, interest, documentary, readability in a furnace, image objectively reflects the people of Iran in the past and today, rich and colorful life. It is for people to understand and cognition in Iran society and its future direction, promote cultural exchanges between the two, there will be some reference value.
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Wang Feng, pen name Moussa, and is gentle, director. Hui. Born in Ningxia in July, 1961. Ph.D., professor. In 1988 -1989 years in Peking University study. In 1999 -2001 year in senior visiting scholar to the Islamic Republic of Iran academic investigation and study. Soon after, was invited to Pakistan, Germany, Macao, Hongkong and other countries and regions for academic exchange
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Starting from the Great Wall to found the freedom square between the first chapter is the Silk Road and Iran in the cultural exchanges between the second chapter third chapter Chinese ancient Silk Silk Road on the friendly relations between China and Iraq sign -- the ancient Persian artifacts fourth chapters on the silk road connecting Asia and Africa: the world ancient civilization Chinese and road, Changan the maximum transfer station fifth chapter "the Silk Road" sister city of Urumqi and Marsh Harder in Chapter sixth, the Silk Road of the development of world civilization and Iranian relations in the future in the light of contemporary Iran series of multicultural landscape the first chapter of the Iran social development is a major historical characteristics and the formation of the national spirit second Iran's traditional religious rituals and the eating habits of third chapter Iran different ethnic customs etiquette fourth chapter Iran family economic and consumption of the main features of the economy the fifth chapter to feel Iran's democracy and process of reform of the sixth chapter out of the country of new diplomatic turn of the watch and think Iran opened the mysterious veil of solitude and contemplation of basic necessities of life in Iran day in Tehran University Calm lonely day unforgettable country tour soul pray and bless -- generation of postscript Appendix 1, Persia and Iran historical chronicle Appendix 2 Shiite twelve Imam genealogical table in Appendix 3, Persia and Iran famous writer Jane table
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