The Hebrew culture

Date of publication:2004-5   Press: Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press   Author:Zhu Weizhi   Pages´╝Ü246  

"The Hebrew culture" is the first attempt to Hebrew culture. Among them, the first, eleven chapter by me (Zhu Weizhi) to write; second, four, six chapter penned by Liu Pingyan; third, five, ten chapter penned by Liu Lianxiang; the seventh, the eight or nine chapter penned by Liang Gong. Limited to the level and the space, we can only be described several aspects of the main.
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Zhu Weizhi, born in 1905. Professor of Nankai University. Author of "literary history", "Chinese Christianity and text", "Literature", "religion in Biblical Literature twelve"; translation have all of Milton's poem in Bowyer's poetry of pass "false", under which accompany the Yarkovsky anthology "farce"; editor in chief has "foreign literature compendium", "the history of foreign literature", "Comparative Literature".
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The first chapter XI to culture and world culture, Hebrew culture origin and growth of two, the Hebrew culture and the western culture three, the Hebrew culture and the east culture and second chapter to the cultural heritage, "the Bible" two, "" three, "the Apocrypha", "Dead Sea" four volume third chapter the myth of a world pioneer, two, Eden and ancestral human destiny three, brother four, the rest five internal flood, Babel Guta six, “ fourth chapter pagan ” myth, religion of primitive religion, monotheism left two of the formation and development of the three monotheistic religion, split and combined four, religious ideas in Chapter fifth folk custom, marriage, two children, three funeral customs four customs, daily life, the main festival five sixth chapter law, Hebrew law production and development, characteristics of the two Hebrew law three, Hebrew law the basic contents of the seventh chapter of history, one of two Hebrew, Hebrew history the emergence and development of … … the eighth chapter poetry the ninth chapter the tenth chapter novel prophets eleventh chapter art mainly annotated bibliography
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