The German Enigma Austria Switzerland

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Beijing Publishing House   Author:Wu Jisong   Pages:269   Words:175000  

In twenty years, my German mystery revealed no? This is my book to give answer. Of course, this is only my personal answer, may be incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate, but, I find it is in Germany, beautiful rivers and mountains of the land answer; this is I in the German people of all ages and both sexes, answers to simple people; this is my answer to the German books in the reading and the hundreds of this, would be helpful to readers.
this book is written in Austria and Switzerland, will not cause misunderstanding what. Although Germany and Austria are using German, but the difference between Germany and Austria have many, is two people, Austria is a sovereign state......
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The origin of the words said Germany Germany Berlin Become capital joy in Brandenburg Potsdam's quiet -- Hamburg Elbe Elbe River culture of Dresden -- the ancient city for twenty-first Century -- several ups and downs the Rhine River water of Hannover City Bonn leisurely Lai bacterium two Pearl River -- Cologne and Heidelberg Lai bacterium riverside do Indira Cainand adventure in the German international conference Chinese friend Ambassador Seconde I know German Music City -- Vienna Austria origin from the flowers through -- Switzerland Chaplin need quiet
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All human emotion can be expressed with it. "Thanks to the fall in love at first sight", "send speechless messages" to see, "and then become enemies with each other" is to see the contradiction. There are "look askance at", "extremely angry", "contempt", "contempt", "Hope", "stare" etc.. Many people see the way, to see a lot of learning, can be said that the history of human civilization is cannot do without looking. See -- is exchange and communication; see -- make the world a color. The word beauty was born in watching needs, such as construction, full dress, movies, books, etc.. See -- is a kind of fate, the world saw many stories by taking.
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