The German Cultural History

Date of publication:2000-1   Press: Peking University   Author:Du Mei   Pages:324   Words:225000  

Du beauty, born in 1932, Professor of History Department of Peking University, major works include "Sturm und Drang" etc..
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The first chapter of history and culture first history of definition second day cultural festival third culture and human fourth festival culture and national culture and history of the second chapter fifth section of Germanic peoples and the origin of the culture of the first day the earliest living in Europe were second Teutonic origin and state formation in section third the Germanic language form the fourth section German culture origin and beginning of the third chapter of medieval German culture first empire and imperial Knight culture change section second section third philosophy and theology fourth city development fifth section of medieval German University Sixth citizen class poetry seventh section of the Rome art and Gothic Arts Festival eighth Gutenberg's movable type printing the fourth chapter humanism and religious reform first humanism and religious reform causes second German humanist movement and its representative figure third section of the reformation and Counter Reformation translation "Bible" Martin Ruud in the fourth quarter of the contributions of the Fifth Festival artists, Holbein, G Lui Wald and Kerzner Beh sixth days of literature Kepler seventh day philosopher Boehme chapter fifth baroque style section Baroque origin second German Baroque Literature, philosophy third German Baroque Music Festival fourth German Baroque architecture in Chapter sixth, the enlightenment for the first day the Enlightenment period of Germany's political development section second enlightenment meaning of the third day early German Enlightenment educationist 巴塞多夫 fourth German Enlightenment philosopher -- Thomasius, Leibniz and Wolf...... The seventh chapter Sturm und Drang eighth chapter of German Baroque and classical music in early nineteenth Century ninth chapter of German literature and philosophy, the tenth chapter in late nineteenth Century German politics, philosophy and music, the eleventh chapter of the German Culture (on twentieth Century) the twelfth chapter twentieth Century German Culture (lower) German Cultural history @##@ chronology. This book is so far the first comprehensive exposition German cultural history, served as a "special" German cultural history lecture at Peking University before publication. Both the great influence of German culture in Europe and the world in the book, and to contact German culture and China and influence each other. The book is divided into Germanic ethnic and cultural origins, medieval German culture, humanism and religious reform, Baroque style, the enlightenment, the German Baroque and classical music, in early nineteenth Century the late German literature and philosophy, the twentieth Century German culture in 12 chapters, with the German culture history table.
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