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Date of publication:2005-5   Press: Shanghai Culture Press   Author:Liu Jun / Li Wei Zhou Lijun /   Pages´╝Ü195  

A collection of the most classic: from nearly a million albums, dozens of types of music, a carefully selected record history can not be replaced, the most classic 100 album cover art. The most amazing style: breaking the traditional music books follow the same pattern of the stomach food, take you into the music world colorful and interesting on the other side. The most informative links, appendix: 100 strengthen your music listening reading link; the full range of 10 artistic connotation of the current world record company, enrich your music information aspects. The most convenient reading: genuine, positive degree, the original album cover, shake your visual reading, independent concise structure and more convenient use every time you. "The first set of" brought about is the collision, album design different theories meet, let the fans from the selected 100 cover into the album cover design beauty is our purpose. Only in the face of these selected from the four thousand or five thousand album cover when, we have reason to believe that we have to filter out the unnecessary water, will be the most beautiful part out!
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A: I find myself thick and Tango practice in the crowd: the spirit avoid man and God hard soft Sgt.pepper's Lonely Hearts Club unbearable for me in the crowd to find my own choice was suspicious of all the giant flying fence face six ways two mix at dance out of my world in the fog noise in the sea scenery pure drop face you shut up beauty is hidden a missing ear behavior art will slow movement of scavengers dream God Drama Night Song River man and beast the emperor's new clothes I love video and music perfect unity of heart elegant not birth of freedom pub stranger held blade and fork man II: echo brain forever easy flight two hands, two personal spiritual journey of birds and dreams flying City nightmare again always echoes in the darkness, a black rose negative Zi forward showers after desolation a flame to establish faith time heart preliminary anyway expected end sub the tightrope walker three: dissolved in the sky blue appendix: world famous record company Selected
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  •   For I am not fancier enthusiasts, this book is a lighthouse, whenever I have time, there is no experience, it can give me guidance and guide. This is a book worth buying books.

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