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Date of publication:2004-05   Press: Oriental Press   Author:Kane Bostel (USA)   Pages:231   Words:250000  

The former president Theodore I to support the establishment of the team and later developed into the world-famous USA Federal Bureau of investigation. It is the first to establish USA modern large-scale intelligence police agencies, is the main agent of Justice investigation department under the Ministry of the federal government, is the largest anti spy agency, is an important part of America intelligence system. USA Federal Bureau of investigation, referred to as FBI, is the first to establish American modern large-scale intelligence police agencies, has the world's most advanced Crime Detection Technology Lab. Its predecessor was established in 1908 under President Theodore I's team, said on March 16, 1909 that bureau of investigation. Since then its name changed a few times. After 1925, known as the Federal Bureau of investigation. In July 1, 1932, the then director of the Hoover will be renamed USA survey. In 1935 changed back to original name, the Federal Bureau of investigation. Since then, the term has been followed so far.
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Institutional Archives -- scandal and merit always as the shadow follows the form of human brain can imagine the greatest FBI centuries FBI "criminality" overview FBI masterpiece figure Archives -- inside director and officers "plunder" director Hoover Hoover cut a striking figure to judge a person by his appearance in Hoover Hoover Hoover's homosexuality fish for fame multi agent FBI member of female detective complex identity of absurd detective couple cases Archives -- twelve well-known case behind the secret capture "enemy number one" John Dillinger Edward VIII abdicated the truth to oust Chaplin Einstein Pearl Harbor event monitor "China hand" the tragedy of Xie Weisi Luxemburg and his wife Kennedy was the spy case the mystery of Martin Ruud Kim's death and the Lockerbie bomber Li Wen all the Green River serial murder presidential Archives -- the fox and the lion game video files -- popular culture to describe FBI spy Archives -- flapping away, FBI is not always the winner trouble Archives -- let FBI headache @##@ terrorism This is lost and pursuit a narrator of the book, the world famous book special organization, it is a branch of the millennium in the thesis. It seems far away from us, but once we caught a break process 撕掳 pain, we can not refuse such a strong impression: each of us doing a from disorderly to orderly self struggle. The noble and humble, courage and cowardice should at the same time afflict us! When we read this book, the original impulse in the blood flow of Merimee "Corsica type revenge": we carefully examine the CIA's logo, arise spontaneously on free and fair question...... Each of us will gush in the face of the RCMP uncomfortable feelings, our soul face torture: when the world still exist without the approval of arrest and strange missing, when the citizen of the world has not yet been achieved freedom from fear, we can easily say: human hope Dawn has see free journey in pain?
in this wonderful series, the author made an interesting discussion on the famous detective in modern history, chain, death of Kennedy family Mrs. Luxemburg trial of the "fruit of the poisonous tree" the truth, New York fire, serial murders......
reading this book, readers will be through the lives of ordinary table and perceive the mind instability. This book relates to the most typical of our times painful story, but the ecological book be full of vitality will make even the most fragile readers feel the courage to lingering around.
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  •   Some of the contents of a little gossip suspicion, order of presentation in a bit of a mess, but consistent with classification of the book. Graphics are good, can let the person understand some internal things. Can do FBI novel reference materials.
  •   Reading this book, make people understand the history of the FBI.
  •   Okay, I like. To say I love you, what people generally feel good, really... This book is good......
  •   Write very objective
  •   This is a good book, illustrations, good.
  •   Basic is the FBI scandal archives, anyway FBI Nothing is right. right. Also explained some of the gossip. Well... Worth reading content not more than.
  •   With pictures, this is very good, look very comfortable. But the contents, is not up to the standard file, writes is the old story, not many fresh things. If you don't know anything about FBI point, can buy to have a look
  •   Originally thought that this book is very professional but the hand that is a popular book although more say things but is flat without detailed analysis to feel some disappointment
  •   Black is black book also can so casually write what time China

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