The elegant and exquisite

Date of publication:2002-6   Press: Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company   Author:Buck Holzer, skolnick with   Pages´╝Ü95  

This series of books, with its beautiful photography and specialized text, solemnly introduced in the areas of architecture and interior design in the most popular style, and their various stages. Each book has the following characteristics: make a simple summary of the style of the times and regions; describe and illustrate this unique style of architectural design, decoration and detail design of out of the ordinary; to show the style of the essence and charm of the room, with exquisite beyond compare photography, to reproduce the real; provide valuable reference for the design and decoration of residential, the style and taste to the life space.
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Introduction the first chapter outside landscape second chapter third chapter family living room polymerization kitchen fourth chapter to rest room
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This book to color photography rich, vivid characters, describes the essence of this style, and provides a valuable paradigm, to help them in their design to produce the one yuan two attractive style. Carefully consider architectural details, such as the ceiling beam or the stone floor, they make the room exudes feature unmistakable. Arrange a suitable open kitchen, with hanging pot rack, a collection of blue son beautiful porcelain cupboard, textile and all kinds of metal wire braid a cooker to reflect the function of the kitchen and his passion for life. The rustic style furniture and the flea market Amoy to the antique ornaments placed together, to any room to bring tremendous sense of history.
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