The culture of New York

Date of publication:2003-12-1   Press: Central Compilation and Translation Press   Author:Huang Fayu   Pages´╝Ü240  

Huang Fayu, Hubei Jiangling people, Shenzhen City Hall civil servants, visiting scholar of City University of New York, a visiting fellow at the Shenzhen Academy of Social Sciences, a part-time researcher China special economic zone of Shenzhen University research center.
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Preface: City Culture in the first part of the first chapter America cultural spirit culture formed a USA the historical cause of the connotation of two America three American cultural spirit of second chapter of New York culture to form a economic center and cultural formation of the two Immigration Center and culture form the third chapter New York cultural traits a USA cultural region of the cultural spirit of New York three New York two the fourth chapter second part of cultural construction of cultural facilities and a library of two museum three performing arts facilities four leisure entertainment facilities five landmark of cultural activities and cultural activities in fifth chapter two culture three cultural participation in the sixth chapter of cultural management organization structure...... The seventh chapter cultural strategy and policy third part of cultural economy in the eighth chapter the non-profit cultural ninth chapter tenth Broadway culture industry the fourth part cultural chapter "9.11" after the eleventh chapter USA and culture of New York Shenzhen and New York city of New York history culture appendix a appendix two City Hall directly under the New York cultural institutions @##@. For the city of New York, we Chinese mind is more of a negative impression, it almost and capitalism intrigues, brutal competition, greed, lust, sex violence equal together, not many people truly recognize or admit that it is a cultural center city, is the world's cultural capital, less a systematic study of the city from the perspective of culture. Cultural phenomena in New York, can be seen in some blogs, such as perception, but as a whole culture of New York, especially for New York's cultural spirit, cultural characteristics, cultural policy, cultural management, cultural consumption, the lack of research and theoretical analysis, this book hopes to make some attempts in this direction, play a valuable role. The study of cultural, only to retreat, and pragmatic. Our previous studies, practical, pragmatic, cultural studies and made mysterious, the result can only be some scholastic stuff, not much significance to our real life. This book attempts to actual situation into account, complement each other.
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