The culture of Iran

Date of publication:2003-2   Press: Culture and Art Publishing House   Author:Xing Bingshun   Pages:360   Words:260000  

Punishment 秉顺, was born in 1933 in Leting County of Hebei province. Graduated from Harbin foreign language school and the Peking University. A former Chinese Embassy in Iran cultural office, the Ministry of culture Liaison Bureau deputy director, Ross Chinese ambassador embassy. Translation: "Selected Poems of Hafez", "Bahar anthology", "m", "Hafez complete works" lyric poetry, prose, poetry, and blogs
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The first chapter is vast and fertile land a new republic two vast territory rich in resources four three multi-ethnic family second chapter has a long history and a ups and downs in ancient dynasties two Islamic Iran three stirring in modern history, the third chapter of the ancient civilization of a prehistoric civilization footprint two ancient civilization brilliant three Islamic prosperous fourth brilliant chapter literature has a long history of ancient literature in two shine with great splendor of ancient literature three or four big literary giant four modern literature fifth chapter city scenery and the scenic West City Tehran a maximum two historic city of Isfahan three "the poet of the" holy city of Mashhad, Shiraz four East five and ferdowsi cemetery six "sovereign treasure" nishapur and celebrity cemetery seven North of Tabriz City eight holy city of Qom nine history of the ancient city of Hamadan ten beautiful Kish Island -- Free Trade Zone eleven summer resort in Ramsauer chapter sixth famous historical and cultural sites...... Chapter fourteenth chapter fifteenth the development of the management and development of cultural development and advance the seventh chapter boom Iran film chapter eighth rapid development of museums in Iran performing arts. Ninth chapter tenth chapter Iran music, painting and architecture art, the eleventh chapter of the twelfth chapter of Iran arts and crafts become an independent school of humanistic culture and folk customs of the thirteenth chapter of education, sports, the tourism industry in Iran and Iran the sixteenth chapter Chinese friendly exchanges @##@. The series includes many cultural history, ancient cultural events, folk traditional schools of thought, art, culture, traditional culture, cultural relics, places of historic interest and scenic beauty event of major cultural achievements, culture development experience and cultural organizations, cultural organizations facilities, cultural history, culture scholar celebrities, can be said to be the national culture the cause of the encyclopedia. Comprehensively and systematically introduces the reader to the Chinese foreign culture contains the contents of the above, but also relates to so many countries, which is the first. It reflects the long history of civilization and the broad and profound cultural tradition China people hope that the exchanges with other countries in the world, understanding and absorbing the essence of foreign culture, all rivers run into sea, integrating all mind from one side.
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  •   Want to understand some of Iran's tourist information on the Internet, only to see the book, no way the case of buying, but really I want information from very far away, this book is not in cultural research, seems too boring.

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