The culture of Brazil

Date of publication:2003-1   Press: Culture and Art Publishing House   Author:Liu Huanqing   Pages:312   Words:230000  

The series includes many cultural history, ancient cultural events, folk traditional schools of thought, art, culture, traditional culture, cultural relics, places of historic interest and scenic beauty event of major cultural achievements, culture development experience and cultural organizations, cultural organizations facilities, cultural history, culture scholar celebrities, can be said to be the national culture the cause of the encyclopedia. Comprehensively and systematically introduces the reader to the Chinese foreign culture contains the contents of the above, but also relates to so many countries, which is the first. It reflects the long history of civilization and the broad and profound cultural tradition China people hope that the exchanges with other countries in the world, understanding and absorbing the essence of foreign culture, all rivers run into sea, integrating all mind from one side.
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Liu Huanqing, Li Guan Zhuang in 1939 was born in October in Huanghua County of Hebei province. In 1960 and was admitted to Beijing Broadcasting Institute Department of foreign languages, Portuguese professional, after graduation in 1964, in the Central Broadcasting Bureau for external Portuguese group as translation and the group responsible person; in 1981 October, Foreign Liaison Bureau. The Ministry of culture; in 1984 was sent to Chinese Embassy in Brazil cultural office, served as two secretary, first secretary, culture
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The first chapter is the origin of infinite charm of Brazil of two of three vast territory, abundant resources from four colonies along the new national five carefully designed national symbol six race complicated country seven Brazil's three largest city second chapter of Brazil cultural and religious history of Brazil cultural history of religion in Brazil third two chapter Brazil culture in the history of the literary schools and representative figures of Brazil literature development and the representative of the genre of the two Brazil art and the representative of the genre of music and its schools three Brazil four world famous Brazil film five Brazil contemporary celebrities fourth chapter of Brazil culture and management of a modern cultural policy two Brazil three Brazil culture management cultural sponsorship mechanism of four Brazil five folk cultural institutions and cultural management mechanism the fifth chapter the colorful culture of Brazil art and traditional a rich and colorful folk art two simple and pure art Indian sixth chapter rich and colorful Brazil customs a quaint peculiar Indian customs two colorful Brazil customs three religious festival of Brazil On the seventh chapter of Brazil cultural and artistic activities St Paul biennial art exhibition of two St Paul International Book Biennale three Brasilia Film Festival eighth chapter of Brazil public cultural facilities in a public library two museum three theater, cultural center four university chapter ninth places of historic interest and scenic beauty...... The tenth chapter bilateral cultural exchanges.
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