The ancient Greek exchange

Date of publication:2005   Press: Guangxi Normal University press   Author:Corinne Coulet   Pages:208   Words:135000  

The ancient Greeks to communicate? How do they like us get daily information today? How they travel? How their relationship with distant countries? These and many other questions book addresses as had never been fully explored. However, these are the most fundamental problem, because today is to occupy the means of communication and space priority in our lives is by ancient Greek invention, they are: rhetoric, drama, political rallies, Olympic games...... This is a doctoral dissertation of Corinne Coulet, is the study of the interaction between the period of ancient Greece, Greek and external communication. This paper relates to the ancient Greek epic character, Homa, the ancient Greeks, political debate, exchange places (such as the temple, square, theater), sports, transportation, communication, travel, library etc.. This book is a research paper, but because the author knowledge, broad vision, therefore, very interesting.
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Corinne Coulet, Paris higher normal school graduates, ancient Greek and Latin, middle school teachers' colleges, winner of ancient Greece, PhD, associate professor of the University Paris twelfth.
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The first letter of introduction of Homer was born literature world initial text: oral civilization troubadour: importance of the memory word component Senate and assembly of the reception of foreign people: Hospitality transition: toward a world of Greek polis city-state communication within the state's exchange place Temple Square sports drama school in the city of speaking and writing and film city, talk of civilization? Rhetoric Prosperity: first sophist reading, writing, book universal public Inscriptions: defamation, Sophists and rhetorical power and literary examples of political communication in Athens Athens citizens assembly Council of state court politicians in Athens between propaganda and censorship city-state exchange method and way of highway network and transport...... And non Greek world exchange
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  •   This is a thesis work, the author is a woman. To tell the truth, the woman of history, is a kind of harm to the history and women. Is the book can refer to, but is not necessary. Obviously, this book is the most like, quotations, little of their own imagination.
  •   To see this, Socrates died wronged ah!
  •   This book is really strong
  •   Well, the second half is other books. But the "Greek" author to select communication material from the literature, has the courage and wisdom.
  •   Great democracy, it is easy to become a public violence and tyranny.
    or have a look Strauss.
    the book, want to have a look.
  •   Socrates appears in the public assembly few opportunities, we must cherish
  •   Socrates is a clever man, is a rational man, who is very eloquent, but if Socrates such as elite exceeds a certain number, the same feelings take sensible threat, so many elite together, is tantamount to a motley crew. Here is that the scale of democracy.

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