Sixty time end and modern America.

Date of publication:2002-1   Press: The Commercial Press   Author:Steigerwald   Pages´╝Ü471  

America in 60 years did not jump out the old adage circle, many seemed at the time to fully affirmed the development results have had the opposite effect, unpredictable disaster as well as absurd conclusion. Many of the good is not good. When the reform and great enlightened lead to strong dissatisfaction with the lower class and the middle class, mainly because people pay taxes to the reform did not get any return.
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Besides the introduction chapter first liberal end of chapter second chapter third of the Vietnam War and the civil rights movement America foreign policy of the fourth chapter in war social history chapter fifth red ten years of the sixth chapter of the seventh chapter of cultural end city crisis eighth chapter melting pot crisis tenth chapter ninth chapter social status of the authority of the translation table @##@ revenge USA in the rise and fall of 60 in the main performance for the rise and fall of America liberalism, it is the revival in the 1960 John F. Kennedy's inauguration as the official logo. It is American release idealism Kennedy called, he inspired the hope of change as well as the prospect that he and his successors are not exciting. Is the ideal liberals revival through numerous ways to attack the idealism itself.
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  •   If you want to know American culture, history and social conditions, this series is preferred
  •   Look at that time history, compare the Chinese.

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