Shame on the history

Date of publication:2005-1-1   Press: CITIC Publishing House   Author:Let Claude 布罗涅, Li Yumin   Pages:339   Words:312000  

Jean Claude Blonie, the famous French writer, historian and humanities, author of "marriage" and other works of history.
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The first part of daily life in the stigma is chapter first public baths second chapter dress old revolution the third chapter dressed the anatomy of the fourth chapter bed stigma is the fifth chapter paraded naked sixth chapter the seventh chapter naked toilet chair King second part art stigma is the eighth chapter the ninth chapter covering grape leaves the theater and film: a historical category @##@ scandal and the ban on the tenth chapter of controversial text eleventh chapter twelfth chapter rather God naked shame shame on the Exposed and not exposed, this is a problem. French social definition of weathered scales with the French woman's clothes, and long and short. In nineteenth Century the Renaissance, had to naked art opened the green light, but in daily life and behave pose as a person of high morals, ultra conservative. On the contrary, in the middle ages and in nineteenth Century, the figures in the painting are put on the clothes, but people in real life the nude has shown more interest, open degree staggering. This unique cultural books borrowed clothes name, will cause the French Society of the end of the air. Small tradesmen and porters, Wang Gongguizhou stage one by one, the church, the government refused to give the theocracy. The ticket, sit, it's showtime.
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