Series of human civilization (10 volumes)

Date of publication:2001-05   Press: Democracy and construction.   Author:Linghu if Ming [and]   Pages:207   Words:150000  

Linghu if Ming, born in 1946, Shanxi province Pinglu county. Doctor of history, Professor of History Department of Jilin University, director of the Institute of world ancient history China. 1994 October to 1995 October was a visiting scholar to the University of Birmingham to study Egyptology at University of Cambridge, was invited to attend the meeting of the seventh session of the international assembly of Egyptologists, and read a paper at the conference. Author of "Egyptian grammar
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The first chapter preface the tortuous history, two, a gift of the Nile civilization of the three, go on the road, and four imperial treasures five, declining century second chapter text, explore the magic lost text mystery two, opened the Rosetta Stone puzzle three, picture composition, from text four hieroglyphs to the Coptic text five, scribe, and the "scholar's four jewels" chapter third bright literature, autobiography -- originally written literature two, widely read the didactic literature three, stories and legends four, beautiful prose story five, fresh and simple poetry the fourth chapter religious style, gods of the Kingdom, and two complex religious idea three, all kinds of religious activities in the fifth chapter, the architectural wonders be known to all the world Pyramid two, Chong Wei magnificent temple chapter sixth immortal artistic one, unique shape carving two, elaborate relief three, color Lu Ming painting the seventh chapter the light of science and technology, become an independent school of medical two, astronomy the brilliant achievements of the three, eighth chapter of the mathematical knowledge rich treasure of the civilization @##@ bibliography colophon The ancient Egyptian civilization has a long history, brilliant, living in the Nile in Egypt created the Pharaoh's authority, the towering solemn Pyramid, hieroglyphs and the mummy, bright literature and immortal art, as well as the mysterious religious and architectural wonders, etc.. All these achievements without full of charm.
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