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Selected readings in classics of western "culture" (, 2), a compilation of excerpts from fifth Century BC to twentieth Century 80 time later period, from ancient Greek civilization to the modern industrial society after the western ideology and culture classics 39, philosophy, religion, literature, political science, psychology, biology, ethics, sociology, pedagogy future studies, anthropology, etc.. Each election independent pieces, including the author, text, text and annotation problem. Rich in content, choose accurate, concise and comprehensive introduction and notes. A book in hand, readers can be more comprehensive, system, accurately understand the evolution of the western culture and the track of development, broaden their horizons, enrich the knowledge, edify sentiment, also can improve English reading and comprehension, lay the good foundation for further study and research of Western culture. Author: Du Ruiqing, Professor of English at Xi'an College of Foreign Languages. 1979-1981 was a master's degree in English and American literature at University of Sydney in australia. 1987-1990 years in the Brigham Young University-Provo and received a doctor's degree USA. Is currently a member of the College English Teaching Guidance Committee of Ministry of education, Xi'an College of Foreign Languages. Professor Du Ruiqing has long been engaged in English language and literature teaching, taught English literature, an introduction of western culture, intercultural communication course. His main research fields include English language and literature, cross-cultural communication and management of higher education, scientific research achievements are: Chinese Higher Education:A Decade of Reform and Development (1978-1988), St.Martin's Press & Macmillan, the Confucian classics "Shang Shu", "Twentieth Century British fiction" and English in written papers. Because made in teaching, scientific research achievements, "Professor Du Ruiqing enjoy special government allowances", was named national outstanding contributions of experts.
Author brief introduction

Du Ruiqing, a professor of English at Xi'an College of Foreign Languages. Professor of English language and literature, English College Discipline leaders. The chairman of Academic Committee, Ministry of EducationMember of the steering committee of professional foreign language teaching in Colleges and universities, members of the academic degree committee of Shaanxi Province, vice president of the China English Teaching Research Association, chairman of Shaanxi Association of translators, President of the Shaanxi provincial Comparative Literature Association, vice president of the society of foreign literature of Shaanxi Province, the executive director of the Institute of British literature.
learning in the English Department of Xi'an College of Foreign Languages in 1962-1966, a major in English language and literature. After graduating from the school to teach. 1979-1981 designated by the national Ministry of education, to go to Australia to study at the University of Sydney, with a master's degree in English and American literature. 1987-1990 by the school of public school, went to America study in Brigham Young University-Provo, a doctorate in higher education administration.
served as director, deputy director, director of the English Department, director of Academic Affairs Office, assistant to the president, executive vice president, in 1998 August the president.
in 1991 was named the outstanding teachers in Shaanxi Province, in 1992 began to enjoy special government allowances. Shaanxi Province in 1993 was named "outstanding contribution expert", in 1996 was named the national "middle-aged expert with outstanding contribution", Shaanxi Province in 1995 was named "outstanding returned overseas students", in 1997 was named the "national outstanding returned overseas students".
was invited to go to America, Australia, Japan, Malaysia, Hongkong and Taiwan to give lectures or participate in academic conferences, Suzuka International University of Japan was awarded honorary professor, was named America Brigham Young University-Provo outstanding alumni. During the
in English language and literature teaching, intensive reading, extensive reading, translation as a basic and compulsory course teaching task, at the beginning of the 80's first taught English literature courses, at the beginning of the 90's to teach intercultural communication course, the late 90's to start teaching the introduction of Western culture and course, and the teaching of writing and publishing. "In twentieth Century the British fiction", "western culture", "Selected Readings in western literature reading", "reading" intercultural communication teaching materials. Presided over a number of Shaanxi Province scientific research project.
Catalogue of books

1.The Republic Plato2.Politics Aristotle3.The Art of: Love Ovid4.Old Testanment5.Summa COntra Gentiles Theomas Aquinas6.Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer7.Utopia Sir Theomas More8.Address to the CHrisitian Nobility of the German Nation Martin Luther9.The Institutes of the Christian Religon John Calvin10.Discoures on Method Descartes11.OF Civil Govenment John Locke12.Of the Dignity or Meanness of Human Natrue David Hume13.The Social Contract Jean Jacques Rousseau14.The Rational Foundation of Ethics Immanuel Kant15.The Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson16.The Bill of Rights James Madison17.Reason in HIstory Friedrich Hegel18.Nature Ralph Waldo Emerson19.Oh Libery John Stuart Mill20.The Origin of Species Charles Darwin 1.Civil Disobedience 2.The COmmunist Manifesto3.The Genealogy under the of Morals4.The Will to Believe 5.The Interpretation of Dreams 6.The School and Society7.The Aims of Education8.The Collective Unconscious9.The Ideal Bureaucracy10.Beyond Freedom and Dignity11.Existentialism12.The T Wo Cultures13.Shooting an Elephant14.A Theory of Human Motivation 15.President Kennedy's Inaugural Address 16.The Year 200017.Beyond Culture18.Megatrends:Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives John Naisbitt19.The Closing of the American Mind
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