Secret mark of civilization

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"Exploration and Discovery Series" breaking the disciplinary framework of general in content, divided into organisms (including humans), civilization, Astronomy (including with extraterrestrial exploration of life), nature (including plant), five plate science, takes the lead to young curiosity "mystery" and "Qi" as the breakthrough point, all-round, multi angle introduced various miracles, wonders of the universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, strange, strange phenomenon found and various puzzling mystery. On the knowledge of popular science books, the rigor of science at the same time, strengthen its interest ambiguity and readability; in the premise of having substance in speech, the pursuit of words have interesting taste, words. The curious perspective and scientific attitude, popularize scientific knowledge, to carry forward the spirit of science.
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The magic of Egyptian pyramids in ancient Egypt was kept with what pearl Temple of Luke Alfonso Adi Mies mystery fantasy Alexander lighthouse floating Babel Babel the Colossus of exploring the mystery of Hanging Gardens of Babylon statue of Zeus pursuit spectacular mausoleum 克诺索, maze puzzle Macedonian tombs secret ancient Greek pearl -- the Acropolis in Athens Colosseum in Rome, the mystery of the Maya culture in America Pyramid mystery maze like castles in the air Tiahuanaco City mystery Inca gold mystery of Indian totem column Sumerian culture the mystery of the world's oldest city mysteriously disappeared Syria ancient pagoda thousand Borobudur Angkor in made for love Taj Mahal majestic and grand Burma pagodas, statues of Easter Island Mystery whirling Stonehenge in Zimbabwe Stone City stone ball mystery Alta Mira cave paintings mystery coral stone castle mystery Mount Rushmore's statue million Fen Island Mystery still water town Black Sea ancient civilization remains mystery "armada" Shen Bao mystery and cutting seabed statue puzzle ancient map puzzle Nasira's giant map puzzle Ou Paz the mystery of monolithic churches picture of world The largest church in the story of the Tower of London tilt of the miracle "the Pearl" Fontainebleau palace symbol of Paris Eiffel Tower Russian classical architecture Pearl America symbol -- the Statue of Liberty in twentieth Century ten the first building Golden Gate Bridge singular form of Sydney Opera House the world's largest art museum in twentieth Century the biggest human engineering modern wonders of Buddhist temple of art Art beats nature. Dazu Grottoes world the largest statue of Buddha in the world's largest palace in the world on the roof of the cloth pull palace world music history the miracle Millennium hanging coffin mystery
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Steefan Kors waiting for what ancient Egypt, Greece and eastern Mediterranean regions, the legend of an animal body surface. This monster, later became the patron saint of temples, tombs, in Egypt, is a symbol of the king (his) majesty, so in the king's Mausoleum -- near Pyramid, often have this pleased the statue, people call them "the Sphinx". The world's most famous Sphinx, near Giza Pyramid egypt. The Colossus is 57 meters wide, 22 meters high, has 4600 years of history. On the Sphinx, there is a legend, passed down for thousands of years. According to legend, in ancient times, Egypt has a monster, called Steefan Kors, people walked in front of it, it will pull you up and asked: "what thing is at four feet, at noon on two feet, at three feet?" if you can't answer it immediately, you swallow. So, for many years, it did not know how much to eat people. One day, another man, Steefan Kors is still this question. The man replied: "is the person. Childhood, his hands and feet to climb on the ground; grow up, he walks on two feet; in old age, he can only walk with a stick." Completely correct answer, Steefan Kors soon turned into statues, would always lurking in there.......
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