Rebuild their homes

Date of publication:2006-5   Press: Version first (May 1, 2006)   Author:Zhao Xiaojian   Pages:261   Words:268000  

Zhao Xiaojian, of Fudan University, Bachelor of history, Rochester College, master of history USA, Berkeley history California University, the California university history department at Santa Barbara, professor and chairman of the Department of Asian american. Author of "rebuild their homes: turbulence in the American Chinese society", "a new era of Chinese Society: ethnic networks and social class" etc..
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The first chapter Chinese version to use judicial system: family reunion to labour's wife for businessmen, citizen's wife to lobby Congress for citizens: the wife of the right of entry community mobilization: maintains the citizen and his wife went to the United States rights second chapter gender and immigrant boy and girl: mode Chinese immigrant men and women: a new era men and women in Chapter third, the guarantor and the beneficiary of the transnational family female war experience: possibility and limitation of the outbreak of World War II: Chapter "fourth building and other ethnic relationship gender awareness into national defense industry development inflection point silver wings and Niang" tide "and" mother "Chinese into the rise and fall of Chinese newspaper in Kinmen" the fifth chapter associations and press associations authority of the developed world War II and the Chinese newspaper community rallying cries sixth chapter for family stability of husband and wife: Americans and Chinese family crisis, beautify the war mother war Niang dilemma mediation family disputes new gender relations model and mother and Mrs. Tangshan seventh chapter out of the shadow of the cold war double check the new countermeasure: paper regulating Immigration New Chinese informants terror shadow can't be lacking spirit of cooperation the end reference name The names, and special nouns @##@ English comparison table The book of Chinese society in 1940 - 1965 years from several different angles. In Western eyes, before the Second World War China was a poor and backward, cannot withstand a single blow and lack of civilization. Because the Chinese color different from the white people, they for a long time in the American was included in the inferior races. USA "immigration law" is particularly hard on Chinese; government officials at the port of entry to China immigrants from special criticism. In twentieth Century 40 time, although the law relaxed on China immigration, problems left over by history have become more complex. The main characters in the book, before 1965 American Chinese immigrants, mostly from the Chinese rural ordinary people. These people with limited education, do not understand English, but can America immigration officials and government in every possible way move, breakthrough was "immigration law" to them by the obstacles. The Chinese to struggle for survival in the America in environment is extremely bad times, and create a unique, prosperous ethnic society, is the embodiment of their understanding of American social and legal process is a be hardly worthy of belief, rely on the wisdom and strength of the. They have done against racism, Apartheid and racial oppression unremittingly efforts for the whole America history added a brilliant page in the.
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