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Date of publication:2008-01-01   Press: Shandong Taishan   Author:Qian Zhongwen  

Interested in Russian culture, in today's world wide communication financing pattern, the urgent need to view and system of a historical and macroscopic angle of view. This is in order to understand Russian, but for communication through Russia by oneself, do well will help us think about the revitalization of the national culture of the road. "Reading" is the Russian Research on “ Russian culture ” monograph, the book includes: two corners, communication between Russia, as Russia in the collapse of a civilization and culture.
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The general ordered coil a language A.B. Suvorov (1730-1800) Regulations (dictation) soldiers B.C. Solovyev (1853-1900) good motivation and.M. Pisarev (1840-1868) nineteenth Century scholasticism (excerpt) B.B., L (1856-1919) on the hand's status in the history of Christianity. Ivanov B. (1866-1949) — — M.O. Gore Shen Zong (1869-1925) two corners of communication between the A.A. block (1880-1921) Vladimir · Solovyev and today, Conrad, warriors and H. (1891-1970) on the Renaissance A. phi. 洛谢夫 (1893-1988) by.C. Viggo's spirit to the psychology of Art (1896-1934) (excerpt) to.C. (1906-1999) progress likhachev Russian literature development history of the trajectory of A.M. Solzhenitsyn (1918-) Russia in the crash (excerpt) A. to (1921-1989). Sakharov thought Guan Yujin step, peaceful coexistence and spiritual freedom 科日诺夫 risk B.B. (1930-2001) as a civilization and culture of Russia.
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