Perspective America - solemn banter and suffering America marriage and family

Date of publication:2000-1   Press: Version first (January 1, 2000)   Author:Yu Lihua   Pages:283   Words:200000  

Yu Lihua, USA Zhi brother northwest of Lake County community college associate professor of sociology. In 1975 graduated from the English Department of Xi'an International Studies University. In 1984 won the society in the America Ohio bowling Green University doctoral degree. Has many years of experience in teaching and research in this field America society, marriage and family.
Ouyang Ronghua, associate professor, School of USA Georgia, Kennesaw University education. In 1982 graduated from the Nanjing
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The first chapter of marriage and family, social evolution America family crisis scholars have different opinions and views the second chapter premarital mate selection and marriage life dating culture premarital sex sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS third chapter union gender difference and the relationship between husband and wife family division of the sexual life after marriage fourth chapter divorce and remarriage divorce all reasons for married couples living remarried families in Chapter fifth, parents and children America families the relationship between parents and children to children's education mode of cultivation of children born out of wedlock and single parent families America is the child's "heaven"? Definition sixth chapter of life elderly America old way of life and the pursuit of USA on old people's marriage and sex life and understanding of the elderly America political and social activity energy and the elderly welfare related American current policy of die in one's bed -- America old village and homes for the elderly? The seventh chapter outside marriage family heterosexual cohabitation same-sex cohabitation celibacy, no future references @##@ children living in eighth chapter of marriage and family. The book is divided into eight chapters, respectively introduces American society in the evolution of marriage and family, American family values, the American family couples, parents and children, and extramarital love outside marriage family, old people and caused social attention. Author three people, which specializes in America social life of scholars readers discussed the marital property, divorce, remarriage, and outside marriage family combination; education experts discussed America way of family education; but the old scholars to USA old issues related to medical science, political science.
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