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Date of publication:2004-7   Press: Meteorological Press   Author:Li Hushan   Pages´╝Ü244  

The illegal production and sales of pesticides according to the crime of illegal business operation or dangerous goods accident crime department to modify the "pesticide management regulations", production, management, pesticide pesticide on quality assurance and relates to the interests of farmers, have made clear. Especially for unauthorized approval of pesticide products production and sales, production and sales of pesticides and attached tag does not match the content or modify the label content, unauthorized production and management state has revoked the registration of pesticides and other illegal acts, increase the punishment and combat strength. As the regulations of the fortieth specific provision, the above acts, according to the provisions of criminal law "on the crime of illegal business operations or the crime of dangerous goods, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law". The lack of criminal punishment, this law also made the corresponding provisions of punishment. Such as no pesticide business license and pesticide registration certificate, the unauthorized production and sales of pesticides, or production and sales countries have to revoke the registration of pesticides, confiscate the illegal income, impose illegal income is 1 times more than 10 times the fine; if there is no illegal income, and impose a 100000 yuan shall be imposed. To counterfeit, forgery or transfer of pesticide registration certificate, pesticide registration certificate, production license, pesticides or pesticide production approval document, pesticide production license number, but also in accordance with the criminal law on the crime of illegal business operations or forged, altered documents, certificates, trading countries, the provisions of the crime of the seal, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. In this code, the what is false and inferior pesticide pesticides. False pesticide includes: (1) in non pesticide as pesticides or to pesticides as he pesticides; (2) pesticide active ingredients containing effective components indicate the type, name and product labels or instructions on the types, the name does not match. Poor quality pesticides include: (1) do not conform to the pesticide product quality standards; (2) ineffective; (3) mixed with harmful ingredients such as lead. Legal reference migrant workers social security policy of 1 industrial injury insurance "labor law": the employing units and workers must participate in social insurance, payment of social insurance premiums. Workers in retirement, illness, injury, disability caused by work-related injury or occupation disease, unemployment, maternity, enjoy social insurance benefits in accordance with the law.......
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A "three agriculture" policy. Two.WTO and China agriculture three. Calendar on four. Agricultural and meteorological five. New technology six. Science seven. Environmental and resources laws and regulations eight. Nine. Ten. Marketing of agricultural technology consultant cotton and oil production technology of vegetable production technology and production technology of livestock and poultry breeding technology, aquaculture technology eleven Life Encyclopedia eugenics disease health care knowledge of first aid knowledge of general poor family financial security home life tips twelve. Folk custom etiquette thirteen. Rural Club fourteen. Spring Festival couplets Appendix 1 Chinese part of the big city month (years) average temperature table Appendix 2 Chinese part of the big city month (years) average precipitation table Appendix 3 domestic long-distance automatic the telephone. Post list in Appendix 4 legal units of measurement and the common illegal units of measurement control and conversion table Appendix 5 Chinese folk festival. @##@ table anniversary "New practical farm calendar" firmly grasp the pulse of the social progress, the retrieval of newspapers, magazines and books, collecting technology, economic, legal, cultural and other aspects of the advanced knowledge and cutting-edge information, and carefully choreographed 14 categories: "three agriculture" policy, calendar, meteorology, agriculture and diffuse talk about new technology know, environment and resources, advocating science, WTO and Chinese agriculture, legal, marketing, agricultural technology consultant, love of life, customs, country club, the new spring festival couplets. "New practical farm calendar" be rich and varied content, the new information is accurate, easy to understand text, calendar reasonable check. For the farmer friend, "new practical farm calendar" is full of wisdom of life helper, is the production and marketing of good staff.
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