• Learn Chinese culture day

    "A day to learn cultural knowledge China" Content Description: rich reserve of knowledge to improve culture, culture is the sum of all the material and spiritual wealth created by mankind, it is human society in the past, the development of evolutionary result time, is also the foundation of human glorious future breeding. Master the necessary knowledge about the world,,

  • Guan Yu Temple / China cultural knowledge

    "China cultural knowledge: Guan Yu Temple": Guan Yu, the word cloud long, as the Eastern Han Dynasty Liu Bei's famous generals, legend had with Liu Bei, Zhang Fei Taoyuan knot fork. Served as the former general, Prince and Hanshou tinghou, death posthumous "Zhuang Miao Hou", very civil respected, known as "the Duke guan". After a generation of court,

  • The ancient building group / Wudang Mountains China cultural knowledge

    "Chinese cultural knowledge: introduction to ancient buildings" Wudang Mountains: Wudang Mountains aka Taihe mountain, hill, Luoshan, Xian Xie reference room hill, ancient buildings of Wudang Mountains is to design the layout according to the "in" Zhenwu Zhenwu Xiuzhen myth, highlight the theme of Zhenwu belief. Wudang Mountains ancient architectural complex of the overall layout is take,

  • Paper cut art

    "The paper-cut art" content brief introduction: paper-cut art is one of China traditional folk art form. It is a kind of stencil art, is also the most popular folk art, to people in the visual space through the feeling and artistic enjoyment. For thousands of years, not only throughout the country, and the famous overseas. China paper-cut manual art, like a,

  • Eastern Royal Tombs of the Qing Dynasty

    "Chinese cultural knowledge: introduction to Qing Dongling" content: 125 km away from Beijing, is located in the 50 km northwest of Zunhua City, Hebei Province, where the clear Dongling, is China's largest existing, the most complete system, layout the most appropriate imperial tombs, covers an area of 78 square kilometers, 15 cemetery, buried 5 emperor and 1,

  • The strange truth (in Chinese)

    "The strange truth" as a kind of popular books, I want to write interesting hundred-percent works, this is my dream. The strange truth, it is self-evident that absurd. However, these things seem story, actually is to tell the truth through words. The story with real events of the two surface section,

  • Origin of the Chinese civilization

    "Origin of the Chinese civilization" in the history of our country famous Hetu Luoshu problem, as the breakthrough point, the use of multi-disciplinary knowledge of history, archaeology, anthropology, ethnology, folklore, linguistics, ancient philology, on China's ancient river, Luo book, Jieshengjishi, text origin, ancient legends and the origin of Chinese civilization into the,

  • Exploration of Babylon civilization

    Exploration of Babylon civilization, the exploration of "Babylon civilization" tells the story of Babylon's history of ups and downs, Babylon social life, Babylon sacred law, civilization is engraved in the mud plate, the earliest education, religion, literature and art, gorgeous colorful life learning science and technology vulgar, remarkable achievements. ,

  • The murals of Mogao Grottoes / China cultural knowledge

    "China cultural knowledge: the murals of Mogao Grottoes" in Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes murals depicting the ancient nationalities, each class production labor scene, scene of social life and music, dance, architecture remains picture, is an important historical basis for the cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. Its historical value becomes the sixteen country to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, ten,

  • Exploration of the ancient Greek civilization

    Exploration of the ancient Greek civilization, the exploration of "Introduction to ancient Greek civilization": life in the modern Westerners why for the passing of the old civilization of ancient Greece has a special liking so tiny minority, why that was active in the Mediterranean so badly? This is because the ancient Greek civilization is the source of Western civilization. The ancient Greeks Westerners recognized cultural,

  • "The seven heroes and five gallants" and China ancient martial arts novels

    "China cultural knowledge: about martial arts novels and China ancient martial arts novels" is one of the important types China ancient novels, for a long time because of its value and the achievement has been widely concerned by people, China ancient martial arts novels refers to from the pre Qin Dynasty to the late Qing Dynasty novels. The development of China chivalric fiction novel,

  • An ancient civilization mystery

    An ancient civilization mystery, "China Youth Science Series: ancient civilization mystery - a" tells the story of his deserted ruins, ruins of ancient graves broken brick rubble, the glorious history in the passage of time has faded, the lost civilization is not nowhere to be found, the magnificent city, magnificent the palace, continuous acquisition and continue to find, once scattered,

  • Rural wedding and funeral rite Handbook

    "The wedding and funeral rite Handbook" is divided into three categories, one category is a category, including the invitation, He Zhang, to poetry, toast, Shou order, He Xin, Congratulations, Xilian, good sealing, wrapping language wedding ceremony and wedding speech; another kind is mourning, including the obituary, an elegiac scroll, funeral oration, eulogy, condole comfort letter, message, wreath,

  • Chinese cultural knowledge the reader

    Chinese cultural knowledge the reader, "Introduction to Chinese cultural knowledge the reader" content: history is on our side, interesting is always behind the story, valuable is always the cultural charm! Trace to its source, known to history as a mirror, ancient culture contains profound thought and wisdom, can broaden their horizons, sublimated realm, rich,

  • The world customs Wonderland

    "The world Wonderland" content brief introduction: in the long river of history, the world various nationalities, regions or countries, have created a unique style, shine with great splendor culture, for any people, customs and customs are the source of their traditional river. "The world Wonderland" financial interest,

  • The palace is the science of happiness

    Introduction: "the science of happiness" court work is a the Imperial Palace, universal knowledge of traditional culture, develop children's historical and cultural education activities of the publicity and education of library. The book by the Imperial Palace Museum Education Department of public education of all group members, after more than a year of planning, organize, write, modify, specifically for primary and middle school students,

  • Wuzhen / Chinese cultural knowledge

    "Chinese cultural knowledge: introduction of Wuzhen" content: Wuzhen intact with the original in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China ancient town style and pattern. The river into the street, street bridge connected, the houses are built along the rivers, water town integration, organized Shuige, bridge, Stone Lane unique Jiangnan charm building factors, reflects the Chinese classical residence,

  • The simple life is not simple

    Life is very simple, is a food and drink Lazard sleep finite cyclic process of these human nature, there is no exception. But specific to each thing, this simple process is not simple: eat eat, drink drink, so restricted, sleep status; and each person has their own habits and hobbies,,

  • To explore the civilization of ancient India

    Explore ancient India civilization, the exploration of "Introduction to ancient India civilization" content: in ancient times, India is not a country name, but a geographical concept, refers to what is now India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sikkim and Bhutan, South Asia subcontinent. India has a vast territory, numerous nationalities, culture shows the characteristics of diversity,,

  • Western culture

    "Western culture" literature, art and philosophy in the three part of the western culture as a whole outline, each part of the selection of the history of the west is the most famous, the most important works, make readers have a whole understanding of Western culture. Literature part selected from ancient Greece to some important works of the contemporary era, with the original translation,

  • Bridge / China cultural knowledge

    "As" a brief introduction: every mountain there is a road, on the water will be the bridge. In Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi provinces adjacent to the south of China in different sizes, everywhere, quaint exquisite gallery type bridge -- as. The bridge is a bridge, corridor, pavilion as a whole, bridges other style building, and the drum tower,

  • Exploration of the Hebrew civilization

    Exploration of the Hebrew civilization, "explores the Hebrew civilization" as a source of culture and civilization of the world, the Hebrew civilization is great and profound influence on the world. From the vertical perspective, the Hebrew civilization brought in at the beginning of the Christian era, to 14, fifteenth Century to appear in Renaissance Europe played a mediating role, to the modern times and resources,

  • Language and life

    The book includes concept, reading, writing, preface and postscript article in the four part, the main content includes: through the via water boiled fine and familiar with -- "training"; that "dialogue" -- Rereading the old "; leaves to study Chinese teaching improvement harbinger of language teaching, language teaching", as soon as possible. ,

  • Kimono

    - kimono, "kimono" mainly introduces the kimono is the national costume of Japan, in the process of formation is influenced by foreign culture, especially Chinese culture, but today we see the kimono, simply can not find the shadow of the elements. The kimono is a straight line shape, the fabric width should be 36 cm, with straight cut method, then stitched. ,

  • Because the world and beauty

    "Because the world and beauty" of content brief introduction: 184 days, 5.28 square kilometers, 246 participating countries and international organizations, 73080000 visitors, more than 22900 activities, 79965 Park volunteers,...... The 2010 Shanghai World Expo will show not only the numbers, more,

  • Lingyin Temple / China cultural knowledge

    "China cultural knowledge: Lingyin Temple" content: Lingyin Temple is famous Chinese Buddhist temple, Hangzhou is also the earliest temple. From the temple has been one thousand 600 years of history, is reading at the vicissitudes of life, ways of the world, many hardships, how much change; always leisurely Xiuzhu Maolin between independent, its body,

  • Journal of medieval civilization

    "Civilization" is a collection of medieval society written by Yan Yaozhong, Yu 云国, mainly to medieval civilization knowledge are discussed and investigated, the concrete content includes "sixteen countries during the smelting iron industry" Tang Zhongye "Jianghuai area county official's tendency and the peasant uprising" "Yutian and Northern Song Dynasty" "the song genre poetry and its relationship,

  • The border of Japanese pop culture

    "Introduction - Japanese pop culture" content: in twentieth Century since 90 time, Japanese culture from the rapidly expanding influence, animation, music to fashion design, the Japanese mark Yu Quanqiu everywhere everywhere. Japanese pop culture has attracted more and more attention from all over the world, especially the young people of East Asian countries,,

  • Learn the world cultural knowledge every day

    "A day to learn the world culture" Content Description: rich reserve of knowledge to improve culture, culture is the sum of all the material and spiritual wealth created by mankind, it is human society in the past, the development of evolutionary result time, is also the foundation of human glorious future breeding. Master the necessary knowledge about the world,,

  • From acupuncture to twelve Chinese Zodiac

    The 26 theme China culture, "from acupuncture to twelve animals: 26 Themes Chinese culture (English)" selected 26 theme Chinese culture, arranged in the alphabetical order of English, introduced the topic in English, and knowledge of, and finally selects the anecdotes and classics translation to understand translation knowledge, enhance the reading,

  • The Arabia study

    "2010 · Arabia studies (Second Series)" is the Shanghai International Studies University Oriental Language School commissioned East China Normal University Press published a new series of papers. This paper set all-round, three-dimensional display China Arabia research scholars, experts and professors of the latest academic achievements. Warp knitting Commission will strictly,

  • Fukurokuju hi

    "Introduction" fukurokuju hi content: the pursuit of happiness, wish lucky and safety is a kind of consciousness of human innate. In Chinese traditional culture, auspicious concept in folk art forms most Fu, Lu, Shou, like the four forms of representative, especially before the three most, it is the ancient people of life and ideal,

  • China wonders of the wonders of the world complete.

    "Chinese wonders, wonders of the world collection (classic bestseller)" synopsis: on the earth, in the magic of the natural landscape, interspersed a as the acme of perfection of cultural wonders. Since ancient times, these wonders deeply attracted to people all over the world of curious eyes and the pace of exploration. "China odd,

  • The new Japanese on twelve

    "The new twelve" is the author himself on the ship to build husband in 2000 NHK education television "the world," the program, nine times of the same name "broadcast textbook of" Japanese "again" the supplement edition, content increased two times. The addition of the reason is: in the first part describes the Second World War to the,

  • The story of mankind

    The story of mankind, "the story of mankind" is a masterpiece of world renown won for van Loon, 1921 was published that caused a sensation, is one of the most popular history books for hundreds of years. In "the story of mankind", van loon in plain and lively, humorous style, tells the story of human magnificent and moving history story,

  • Exploration of Indian civilization

    Exploration of Indian civilization, the exploration of "Indian civilization" content: American Indian civilization is still very mysterious, it is because there are a lot of things confusing, such as "the riddle of the Sphinx", there are many mysteries waiting for people to discover and decipher. The exploration of "Indian civilization" is revealed to the world civilization in Indian,

  • China cultural appreciation

    "China culture (Hardcover) (DVD disc 4") for DVD CD, suitable for Chinese cultural interest, want to know more about China cultural phenomenon of overseas watch. It will take you into the real and vivid China cultural treasure house, behind to explore the wonderful and profound cultural phenomenon. A total of 45 episodes,,

  • On the spirit of "ritual"

    Liu Huishu's "theory of spirit" discusses the Chinese ceremony "ceremony" and the origin of "Confucianism" creation, relates to the Confucianism of "ceremony" view, arguing and its complete system, the propriety of the decline of disintegration and influence, the modern western civilization "method" and "Li" China civilization were compared and criticism, and the,

  • To pursue the dream of fairy tale writer

    "Pursuit of the dream fairy tale writer (Miyazawa Kenji)" content brief introduction: in a bird's eye view of the Meiji after a century of Japanese literature, we will find: this century don't say in the history of Japanese literature, is the literary history in the world is an extremely rich change gorgeous literary era. The number of one hundred years in the works,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword: type" Japanese culture is the study of classic Japanese, Japanese academic culture known as "the originator of modern Japan," has been translated into more than 20 languages, the total circulation of more than 10000000 books, is to understand the Japanese and Japanese recognized best reader, are countless readers reading. ,

  • A Chinese culture

    The real "Chinese culture one pass (color illustrations) (super Platinum Edition)" is a practical tool for introducing Chinese culture knowledge, culture is an indispensable leisure life in the fast food: provide the most want to know and need to know and ought to know the Chinese culture for the reader. The book is divided into the,

  • Geisha

    "A brief introduction to the main content of geisha": Although the geisha has gradually faded out from the society, the real geisha is a few live in the "Outline" of artists, the lives of ordinary people have and geisha have no intersection, but the geisha culture has affected Japan, emitting a charming light. A unique gentle thoughtful become people's common female,

  • Civilization wonders of the World Encyclopedia

    Civilization wonders of the world "Encyclopedia" for informative text, photo and accurate data on the wonders of world civilization to the full range, explain profound theories in simple language to introduce, to show readers the most brilliant civilization in the world, the most wonderful part, a true reproduction of the human society has made in various development order of hui,

  • Chinese environment

    Chinese culture, the basic situation: Chinese environment (French), ISBN:9787508520216, author: Zhou Hewei, Wang Jia, Liu Junhui,

  • Situation and culture of British National

    "Situation and culture" the British national to British society and culture as the main clue, the geographical environment, government, education, religion, commerce, social welfare, custom and marriage, media, art, transportation, tourism and entertainment and other aspects, the selected data are mainly from abroad in recent years,

  • Cloisonne / Chinese cultural knowledge

    "China cultural knowledge: Cloisonne" tells the story of the composite metal crafts process and enamel process, also known as "copper padding thread enamel". In the history of the development of China thousands of years of excellent traditional arts and crafts, Cloisonne is the bright younger generation, a late bloomer, so far only 500 years of history. But the cloisonne with it,

  • Yuquan Si / Chinese cultural knowledge

    "Chinese cultural knowledge introduction: Yuquan Temple" content: Yuquan temple has the important status in the history of Buddhism Chinese. The Sui Dynasty as one of Tiantai 10000 cases of Huang Bo, the wise master this preaching "Lotus", "mystery" samatha meditation, the first Zong Dao rooftop field; Tang to Zen North 10000 cases of Huang Bo, Hong Jing, Shen Xiu, Pu Ji, a line of eminent monks,

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