• Foreign customs series

    Foreign customs series: South Pacific island countries and regions, Xu Mingyuan, world knowledge press,

  • Russian literature mining micro

    This book is a famous Russian literature home Jiang Lu's posthumous works, is divided into two parts. The twenty-seven article in 1997 for "Russian Literature" from the East China book publishing house; the second the paper is written later, on the content and the nature of the case, can be said to be a companion piece to the former. ,

  • Plague

    "Plague (the price of civilization") introduced the "History: cruel memories", "Literature: gorgeous life", "social: fear and salvation", "economic disaster and opportunity:" six chapters. ,

  • Historical truth

    The book according to the unearthed bamboo, silk and other literature, is also concerned about the factors of regional culture, to discuss the major issues the Han Wei Jin literature and history; and from the Buddhist perspective, to study the impact of Buddhism in the Six Dynasties literature, literary theory; and the sort of "Wenxindiaolong" in accepting and shadow later. ,

  • Overview of the history of Western civilization

    "Outline" the history of Western civilization is a book to introduce western cultural background knowledge hidden in the English language behind every aspect, widely involved in Western civilization, such as history, philosophy, literature and art etc.. This set of knowledge of language and cultural knowledge in one, can help English learners in improving reading ability,

  • India civilization

    India civilization (Slav civilization) Chinese Social Science Press,

  • The kingdom of Hachem in contemporary society and culture

    The kingdom of Hachem in contemporary society and culture, Liang Guoshi, Shanghai foreign language education press,

  • A new survey of Britain and America

    This book mainly includes the British and American geography, history, political system, education, news media, customs and other content, purpose is to broaden their horizons, broaden their knowledge, in the process of writing, the author pay attention to using the latest research achievements, the reasonable absorption of new knowledge, and further enhance the practicality of this book. ,

  • Very USA

    Let us into the book, with doubts and meditation you out into the real USA, to experience the wonderful and the passions which, if not know USA culture, concept of value orientation, it is difficult to gain a foothold in the country, work and life, it is difficult to fully display their fists and his ideals. To experience it in person,

  • The difference of the veil

    Expression of culture literature, anthropology and art, differences between the Veil: literature, anthropology and cultural expression, ISBN:9787538264302, author: David Richards; as a [and] translation,

  • French Museum

    "The French Museum: what do I know?" a brief introduction: the world famous "what do I know? "Series, is a French University Press 1941 compiled a set of universal encyclopedia knowledge series. More than half a century, with the development of scientific knowledge, the series research continues to expand, not content,

  • The first USA

    The series into three fascicles, respectively, "first America", "overview of USA", "look at American". We usually see the America culture books or textbook, exhaustive, abstract and dull, lack of readability and interesting; either academic books, there are many too specialized content,,

  • Senna river flow

    The book tells of a group full of vigour, at the beginning of the twentieth Century in American Paris. This group of strangers from different urban and rural areas, the poor are rich, there are heterosexual or homosexual; some are students or 普大斯顿 Harvard University, some people are almost never graduated from high school. Many of them put,

  • The Memorial Day holiday collection Almanac

    "The world Memorial Day holiday collection book" rich in content, novel style, the book by the festival and the anniversary and the nature of the region, they are divided into history and politics, war and peace, environmental and meteorological science and technology, education and occupation style, family and social, health and medical care, culture and art the festival, and the people,

  • Poor Richard's book

    America a founding father of a country, very fruitful industrialist, the great inventor Thomas Benjamin Franklin is a famous works "Autobiography of Franklin". The whole book to chronicle manner, to the poor the tone description about life, about money and wealth of the Western words of wisdom. The book became a America immigration staff,

  • The civilization of the Renaissance in Italy

    "A Book of the civilization of the Renaissance in Italy" is about the Great Cultural Revolution Literature movement is the most important asset class in history. According to his research on various aspects of Renaissance Italy, and his predecessors, discussion on this issue spend months and years, established a new system. This system has become,

  • The eternal mystery

    Mystery - the world culture through the ages of the 1000 mystery. (a text), edited by Shi Xuanyuan, published by Zhongzhou ancient books publishing house,

  • British Wedding / Collins Illustrated Encyclopedia

    British wedding, ISBN:9787538262872, author: Concordia Gram; translated by Yuan Ming,

  • Into the American University

    "The ivory tower story -- into the American University. Contains a total of 40 articles, the inside is divided into "campus fun" Fax "," love, friendship and whisper "common home" in four parts. "Campus fun" in the article show America students rich and colorful campus life and extracurricular activities; "feelings of friendship",

  • Chinese and foreign strange

    Life needs laughter. A smile, a smile, really a smile, smile, often can eliminate tension, remove the trouble. Therefore, laugh is the spiritual life of the disinfectant, is highly efficient yeast rich life. The fast pace of modern social life, business risk, people worry, worry about things emerge in an endless stream,,

  • Japanese culture and intercultural communication

    Japanese culture and intercultural communication, Wang Xiuwen, Sun Wen, editor in chief of the world knowledge press,

  • World culture report

    Culture, innovation and the market, this book is a UNESCO in 1998 wrote a report on the status of global culture, is also the first world culture report compiled by the organization. The book is divided into seven parts: firstly, in combination with the development of global economic overview of culture; the second part discusses from the perspective of globalization,

  • China surrounding country customs.

    Chinese surrounding country customs records, ISBN:9787502935085, author: Sun Shuhua, Zhang Yu,

  • USA first lady role

    Significance of first lady in the USA politics, society and history, has caused controversy in academic circles USA. The first lady as the focus of public and media concern today, plays a special role in the ways of life. The authors use the information in the book be full of wit and humour, analyses the special role of the first lady,

  • Crazy Island

    After the first World War, the Japanese side to absorb useful western system, began a large-scale industrialization; on the other hand, began to seek colonies in Asia to Japan, provide much-needed industrial raw materials and industrial products export market. But because of natural calamities and man-made misfortunes, Japan's national economy still faces collapse,

  • Renaissance art in Europe

    "European Renaissance Art (upper and lower)" is one of the most comprehensive to date and discusses the European Renaissance art works. Lay the foundation for a new Renaissance Stage of world cultural history. As Engels points out, this stage is the greatest progress human hitherto unknown revolution. The renaissance,

  • The Canadian Culture Expo

    Most countries in the north of North america. A word in Canada for Huron Iroquoian, meaning village, hut or small room. In 1535, French explorer cartit this name, ask the local Indians, chief answer as "Canadian" (Kanada), which refers to the nearby villages, but Cartier mistakenly,

  • To the middle line

    We are in a huge social and historical transition, subtle changes in social relations, a variety of new values and way of life was popular, signals the arrival of a new era. This is the reform way of life a time observations, is the new trend of social development and probing depth, with,

  • Holiday Stories

    "Holiday story" with a lot of pictures, the story of the popular reading form, tells the story of China, foreign traditional festivals culture origin, customs and taboos, seasonal diet, and traditional clothing etc.. ,

  • Christmas Handbook

    The north wind waft a wake up call, from December the sink into the leaf vein, deep into our hearts. Listen, the depths of the season, a sweet voiced, gurgle out. The Christmas bell awakened the atmosphere of love, only love, the eternal dipper, illuminate our background and our way home, let us revival of life in this season,

  • The Mediterranean

    The Mediterranean Sea (the whirlpool of the world culture), Shi Jizhong, the contemporary Chinese press,

  • The road to Rome

    In view of the limited space, this book is to capture the battleground of Italy stage of the first half, from Sicily to the liberation of Rome. This period of history, this is also the Italy battlefield is thick and heavy in colours chapter, is the essence of. The book is divided into "Italy during the Second World War Front: a strategic review", ",

  • Master

    The theory of life, education, political theory, history, political theory, art theory, technology theory, cultural theory. The quintessence of Chinese culture, western culture, fusion of ancient and modern masters, through western, 213 pieces of ancient china. A doctor group after 3 years of dedicated principals, 38 University jointly recommended. "The quintessence of Chinese culture" is a book about Chinese tradition,

  • The illustrated books overview

    The illustrated books overview, Jiao Yanli, world knowledge press,

  • America cultural reading

    This book introduces the modern USA culture and concept, the language concise and smooth, easy to understand. Readers can understand and appreciate the American outlook on life, values. This book can be used as a research student, master's, doctoral universities undergraduate students learning, learning with senior,

  • Ancient Greece (Chinese version)

    God and man, the ancient Greek: "man and God" is the history, China hosted the largest ancient Greek cultural relics exhibition. The display of 120 pieces of cultural relics from the Neolithic Age to the year fifth Century, the time span of up to 7000 years. The general public to the ancient Greece is known very shallow how to enjoy this exhibition? Ancient greek,

  • The new century communication etiquette

    The book to be lively and vivid style, popular the fluency of the text, introduced the new concept, new features and new century communication etiquette to readers. Communication of text, interpersonal relationship, ingenious entertainment article, communication etiquette, foreign etiquette, social practice, communication, verbal art from the perspective of text books, exhibition,

  • Century auditorium (Fourth Series)

    A column of Phoenix, "academic as to make you understand!" For the purpose of the "Century Forum" is a serious academic topic in lively form of TV talk shows, since January 6, 2001 since the Phoenix TV appearance, because of its unique culture grade, live interactive real sense and to a serious academic problems explain profound theories in simple language solutions,

  • Mesopotamia civilization

    In Mesopotamia, this piece of land, the history of human civilization can be traced back to 4000 BC and beyond. The earliest native Shi Ke test is the Sumerian, the Sumerians in this piece of land to create the history of countless brilliant "first": the first agricultural village, the first city, the first car,

  • The contemporary Germany social and cultural

    The book consists of ten chapters. First, chapter two two of Germany's natural geography, population, ethnic, national symbol and historical development briefly, to build a background framework for the following chapters. From the third chapter to the German social and cultural aspects are introduced one by one. This book aims to germany,

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