• It's a wonderful world.

    The world is really wonderful: Foreign Stories Collection, Yang Jingyou, International Broadcasting Publishing house,

  • Southeast Asian ethnic - Singapore Malaysia Indonesia Brunei Philippines volume

    Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines volume, the series is divided into "national minorities in Guangxi", "China northwest, northeast, North China National - Volume", "China National Southwest, Southeast, Southern China volume", "Southeast Asia nation - Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea volume" and "Southeast Asia nation Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines,

  • Youth 1001 cultural knowledge (Chinese articles)

    "Adolescents 1001 cultural knowledge (foreign article)" is one of the developing juvenile vision, improve their knowledge of books. Divided into Chinese volume, volume two copies of foreign. It combines knowledge, interest, science as a whole, carefully selected 1001 suitable people read the cultural knowledge, covers the history of,

  • European Castle

    Europe's castle, Gaston 迪歇, Xu Xiao, Michel Pashtun charge, translated by Hao Haiyan, Zhejiang Education Publishing house,

  • The western humanities reading

    "Western humanities reading" arrangement according to the time sequence, is divided into 21 chapters, which in turn around from prehistory to the various historical periods of the current. In the introduction, we divided into three general history -- the ancient, medieval and modern, of course we don't have the book is officially divided three. According to our interpretation,,

  • The original American

    The original American (USA), Mai, Baihua Literature and Art Publishing house,

  • You don't know Chinese culture essence

    China brilliant civilization is known around the world, in the broad and profound history, Chinese culture with its unique artistic form and reveals the development process of each historic, interpretation of the profound meaning Chinese in traditional culture. Through 5000 years of China, s temperament, reflects the ancient knowledge now, make the past serve the present, to carry forward the traditional culture China,

  • The French spirit

    The French spirit, Yan double Wu, Changjiang literature and Art Publishing house,

  • Cross cultural communication

    The theory and practice, "Intercultural Communication Theory and practice" is a theoretical, practical, knowledge and interest in the integration of teaching, aims to help English learners to master the English language knowledge at the same time, the establishment of cross cultural awareness, improve the ability of cross-cultural communication. "Intercultural Communication Theory and practice" from the main body is divided into two parts,,

  • Mexico Maya civilization treasures

    Mexico Maya civilization treasures, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai painting and calligraphy,

  • British society and culture

    The main content of "elective textbook series, British society and culture" College English Majors: The book covers a wide range oftopics on early and modem British society,

  • 4-6 century North Chinese and Eurasia

    The book for the Shanxi province key project 2005 social science, is about North Korea and Eurasia in economy, culture, art and other contact and influence each other in the collection. The total income of eight countries have 23 papers, all with the unearthed relics and literature based on the rule of the center, at that time,

  • Britain

    Country details, directory: British faces "a bull" and "sporting" dull London English person personality and demeanor unruffled British Chinese and English person "Pride and Prejudice" the British character in the middle of London London is the British gentleman,

  • Song Yu Zhai 100 note

    Discussion of human civilization,

  • Western culture Road

    This is a book about Canadian culture leisure interest reader, is divided into 10 chapters, covering the Canadian history, literature, art, education, sports, festivals, cultural, humanistic and natural landscape, etc.. ,

  • Japan - country details

    Japanese seem to have an instinct: good at learning from others. They are curious, eager to learn, to all things not seen, all want to see; for all did not eat the thing, want to taste; for all experienced no matter, would like to experience a. The results, Yamato getting a bargain. The origins and historical development,,

  • Globalization and the difference of Ontology

    Globalization need to resort to human creativity and constructing human free survival philosophy. We distinguish three levels: the first level of freedom is the freedom of choice, Rock's empiricism free in the object; the second level is the Kantian as individuals should choose the form of freedom; the third level is,

  • I like new

    In this book, there are from different countries, different color and different language, mind, emotion era dialogue whisper white, the warm family life, the true love description, a marvel of the exotic scenery, the respective culture deep taste; more is facing looking forward to sharing the ancient Chinese,

  • France - country details

    France - country details, ed. Wang Xuguang, Jiangsu literature and Art Publishing house,

  • Russia

    Living in the Russian friends, this book starts with the daily communication between people in Russia, for his work in Russia during the what one sees and hears, the Russian different cultural thoughts, multi angle, all-round, multi field description and analysis. From the between the lines, we understand that diversity of Russian culture unique, perception,

  • The dialogue of the ancient Silk Road

    The Central Asian countries,

  • 2006 China culture

    "2006 Chinese culture" is a comprehensive annual data, it is comprehensively, systematically introduces the development China culture, which is mainly divided into to parts: class, professional art, cultural market, cultural industry, social culture and library, cultural exchanges with foreign countries, Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Region and,

  • The medieval Islamic culture of Arabia

    Islamic culture of Arabia in the Arabia Peninsula Bedu for indigenous culture as the foundation, by Islamic religious thought as the core, throughout the middle ages is a strong culture, both East and West have been touched by its impact, some western scholars think: "struggling in the Western Europeans still brutal abyss,

  • History and poetry

    History is written by the world civilizations, "Fudan historiography Quarterly" second series. ,

  • Japanese handicraft

    A hundred years of art thousands of other, unknown to the public of the Japanese craftsmen painstaking work for all over Japan, strictly selected crafts embodies the wisdom and hard life author handicrafts,

  • Civilization wonders of the world

    Civilization wonders of the world (ed.), ISBN:9787807206958, author: fotosay edition editorial board,

  • New exploration of "the chrysanthemum and the sword"

    This book focuses on the East Asian cultural map generation and development course of tortuous induced, selected works. Cultural interaction or general of the cultural circle of East Asia countries (such as the Ikeda temperature "East Asian cultural exchange history, Fukui" elegant "Chinese characters cultural circle of thought and religion"), or do hand East Asian cultural circle a country's culture,

  • Society and culture in contemporary Syria

    This book comprehensively describes the history of Syria through Syria, which wrote to the human civilization great contribution and Syria experienced the vicissitudes of history, and focuses on the contemporary society and culture of Syria. The book bag supporting Syria's aspects, introduces the general situation of Syria, and is described in detail,

  • Tutorial Occidental costume history

    History of western dress tutorial, edited by Sun Shipu, China textile press,

  • Contemporary society and culture of Yemen

    Contemporary society and culture of Yemen, ISBN:9787544600675, author: Shi Yanchun,

  • The western history of folklore

    "Western folklore history" is the study of China's system, introduced the Western folklore history the first monograph. The book from a multidisciplinary perspective of Western folklore theory thought and the academic trends in late eighteenth Century, early nineteenth Century modern folklore emerges, clearly the main schools of Western Folk school and major,

  • 2005 China culture

    2005 Chinese culture, ISBN:9787501177424, author: Sun Jiazheng editor,

  • Chinese things

    125 distinctive daily China thing is this book does not have the protagonist, every thing represents a detail the most real China; then describe the very China characteristics of daily things objectively, using physical methods to reflect the pure, to record the current China, everyday things and those behind the,

  • The world culture and Customs Guide

    The book lively and interesting introduction to culture all over the world and its customs. Globalization does not mean that all the different ethnic culture will disappear, replace sb. with assimilation of the international culture. On the contrary, the more the nation the more the world, different regions of the culture will continue to save development, constitute diverse,

  • Southeast Asian ethnic

    This book is divided into "national minorities in Guangxi", "China northwest, northeast, North China National - Volume", "China National Southwest, Southeast, Southern China volume", "Southeast Asia nation - Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Kampuchea volume" and "Southeast Asia nation - Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, Philippines volume,

  • The city culture in the modern China

    "Urban culture of the modern China" is about the research of "urban culture of the modern Chinese" monograph, specifically including: rural urban and countryside in -- on characteristics, modern Shanghai people's culture in the early years of the Republic of Shanghai spirit research -- Taking "Shanghai spirit society" as an example, the popular culture and city public,

  • The Romans

    The Romans, Gil Fejer Marty Bernier Zhao Wenli, the Zhejiang Education Publishing house,

  • Today Australia

    The book is written in Australia established diplomatic relations 25 anniversary. The author adopts the latest information and experience, stand in the height of the world, the Australian aspects do it to the. It sought to combine the three aspects, namely, panorama and combining the features of Australian domestic situation and the global development of the combination, australia,

  • Spain

    "Spain" content brief introduction: "World Series" national customs is a beneficial to readers of the book. The book knowledge, practical, interesting and academic as one, covering both wide, each project description is sought, important materials are not missing. Author or editor in chief of state,

  • The new Chinese cultural circle

    The famous French Sinologist Sir Wang Demai long life in the Chinese cultural field, and to devote his life to the study of Chinese culture. This book is concentrating its life experience and academic experience. He will be in Japan, Korea, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam and other countries and regions of the economic and political development in the history and culture,

  • Life journey

    Understanding Chinese course, just watch her shows great importance, it is more important to know she is emitted in the life of the intrinsic charm. Intimate contact only in life, can let you truly cloud feel and understand China and Chinese. Broad and profound diet culture, advocating natural tea spirit,,

  • National costume of the world

    Asia is the national Arabia people. Arabia people have a unique language and religious culture, Babylon culture has attract people's attention achievements in literature, history, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, architecture, art, has a far-reaching influence on the world culture. The traditional Arabia clothing is white,

  • The lost civilization (four volumes)

    The lost civilization (Quan Sijuan), edited by Li Yufu, Shanxi Education Publishing house,

  • Russian culture review (first series)

    "The Russian cultural review (first series)" is the main content: at the end of 2005 9, the school hosted by Capital Normal University entitled "construction" in nineteenth Century the Russian literary thoughts and contemporary literary national academic seminar, from domestic universities and scientific research institutions of nearly thirty people attended the meeting. The language,

  • Abundance of suffering

    Latin America Notes, this book from the two aspects of Latin America and, for as far as possible the comprehensive description, the content includes the western invasion and colonization, the Catholic humanitarian thoughts derived, Latin American thought the foundation and prosperity, major political events and figures, the quality of art and literature, as the representative of third poor countries the spirit world,

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