• Portugal - Lie Guozhi

    The Portuguese land area is not large, only 9 square kilometers, but it had a brilliant history of marine navigation and external expansion history, its heyday in Asia, Latin America, Africa occupied colonies than Portugal local area is 110 times. At present, it is also in many aspects and play an important,

  • The ancient folk belief Chinese

    In the San Juan and city as the center, form of folk culture of ancient China diversity, content is also very rich in its history, long aftertaste, folk belief occupies a very important position in the. This book on the folk beliefs in ancient Chinese heritage in the country, left deep scars in the long history of civilization, and in the national culture psychology in detail,

  • Postage stamps on air character

    The invention of the airplane is one of the most important scientific and technological achievements in twentieth Century, had a great influence on every aspect of human social life of 100 years. In the process of aircraft of the invention and development, a large number of outstanding figures, from early aviation pioneer, to contemporary aviation scientists, inventors, designers, fly,

  • The Danube Tour

    Danube, by Claudio Magris, "the main content of The Danube Tour": about The Danube, presumably many people first thought is the world famous The Danube -- blue. The Danube is a famous international rivers, originated in south-west Germany through Austria, Czech and other 9 countries, to the Black Sea. The The Danube, is Europe's most poetic river,

  • Encyclopedia of ancient Asian Civilization

    This book is a comprehensive account of ancient Asia (except West) lexicographical work history of civilization, from today's Afghanistan and Weihai to Japan and Korea, from Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon) to the Southeast Asian islands, from about 3000 BC in the India River Basin of civilization to Funan, Chenla, and continued into the 1,

  • Civilization is also crazy

    "Civilization also crazy: to decipher the password" world civilization through 12 themes, multi view, panoramic introduces readers to the mystery of the main civilization at all times and in all countries in human history: from the origin of life to the destruction of the earth, from the "Bible" to the Planetary Prince Nor Stella Dam, from Rome, sacred secret imperial court to,

  • The events of the past

    This book introduces the history of the British, the exclusive authorized book all the precious data and images are from Australia's LIC and Beijing continental bridge culture media brand TV program "legend". ,

  • Russia to find their own

    Since the disintegration of the Soviet Union, the Russians in how to think about the nature and destiny of their own country? To answer this question, which constitute the content of the book. This book is not a story of Russia in the history of this period of history, but a great tradition of Russian attempt -- known as diligent in thinking, and this book is to,

  • The story of hair

    This is one of the most interesting book of hair. Louis Jusa unwilling bald head up every day and lead the wig fashion; Queen Elizabeth S and Ekaterina the great in order to highlight their position of authority, in the regular celebration party, let the men's wear dresses, he put on men's,,

  • The legend of Japan

    Mao Lv Meiye the story, in forty-seven regions of Japan, each pick a local folk legend be handed down from age to age, with a map of Japan and the rare and exquisite pictures, road out of dragon vein, the tangible effect, as if in the ear. Forty-seven folk legends, take you into another japanese. Legend.

  • Kampuchea - Phnom Penh dazzling place

    "ASEAN Culture Series" is the first from the angle of culture, illustrated in the form of the ASEAN series. This series can strengthen cultural exchanges and cooperation China and ASEAN, to play a positive role in promoting the construction of China ASEAN Free Trade area. Open the series, will lead you step on the east,

  • Chinese reader

    Chinese is a kind of state? She walked through what kind of history? She has a unique civilization? Her national way of life? She has made contributions to human? Dear readers, these problems after you read the book, will draw their own answers. Reading this book, you,

  • Dennis Seno in the research works

    Dennis Seno in the research works, Denis sinor is far in the Central Eurasian Studies (the Central Eurasian Studies) is one of the most outstanding achievements made in the field of scholars. Now widely accepted among scholars and conventional "Central Asia" (the Central Eurasia),

  • Get to ask the pilgrimage progenitor swim Central Plains

    The pilgrims, with four of the world civilizations in human history, Chinese civilization is one of the only, is not interrupted continued civilization. But the essence of it. In the central plains. Such a place, how can not attract people to think, to see? In those days, each day the author excited, every lens,

  • The decline of western culture

    The complex of humanism, humanism initiated our familiarity with Western civilization. Its achievements include individual liberation, democracy, universal human rights, and a wide range of prosperity and comfort. It is the angel of the modern culture of some of the most prominent figures -- Erasmus, Holzer, Shakespeare, Velazquez, Descartes Byrne, Kant, Floy,

  • Mystery and confusion

    Interpretation of ancient art China, "mystery and confusion: Interpretation of" ancient alchemy Chinese mainly other operation, the most charming and attractive cultural form, has made the objective, static description, cultural image reveals some strange, weird. ,

  • I see American spirit

    This book is a famous Chinese scholar Sun Kangyi lady in the nearly forty years of immigration career of many social changes, America representation USA spirit capture. The authors extend keen reading angle, from books to film and television, from construction to religion, see side personnel, reading culture, through a focus event unattractive for,

  • Afghan culture and society

    "Integration of eastern culture" series of compilation work in Mr. Ji Xianlin's advocacy and personally presided over the next, gathering force scholars and experts of the east the developed. Write the publication of this series is to explore, organize, study and carry forward the traditional oriental culture, to restore its rightful place in the world culture. ,

  • Malaysia

    The symphony of the tropical rainforest, book with vivid and elegant style and exquisite pictures, shows that Malaysia tropical rainforest countries thousands of postures all charm for the reader, reading of the country's history, culture, customs, customs not only from what level, and from the angle of beautifully described its etiquette and customs of alcohol thick. "Asean,

  • Cultural knowledge.

    The book with a sense of history and often have strong interest, is the rare precious cultural property. Selection of the purpose is to let readers get rich cultural knowledge in less time, systematic understanding of various culture broad and profound knowledge at all times and in all countries. ,

  • Kyushu University

    (2007, winter), "Kyushu Xuelin (winter 2007 Volume 5 issue 4) (eighteenth)" the main content is: China Life rely on wind and thunder, cyclones Qi dark the sorrow. I'm on the full weight, reducing personnel not to stick to one pattern. The content includes: seclusion in mid fifteenth Century painting: painting in Suzhou, late Ming occupation painter shen,

  • The mystery of the ancient civilization

    "The ancient civilization mystery" will be the interlocking puzzle one by one to crack. Soul forever mummy quest, Egyptian Pharaoh's curse quest, a beacon of the lighthouse mystery: Alexander, Alexander, She-Wolf sarcophagus mystery legend: the mystery of the origin of Rome city disappear, the ancient city of Pompeii riddle, underground "dead city" Beh Cu Lanny,

  • The oldest profession in the world

    The prostitute and the Rome society of ancient Greece, in ancient Greece and Rome, prostitution is a very natural thing. Monogamous legal loopholes, carry out the fact of polygamy. This is a popular common character, but it is reality, it consists of prostitution, then turned to prostitution. In reality, this combination often raise some illegitimate children,,

  • Japan Oriental Studies (first series)

    "Orientalism" Japanese Academic Sinica, the chief editor by humanities research at Kyoto University in Japan, published on behalf of the Japanese Oriental Scholars latest research achievements of academic papers, reflect the research trends and trends of Japanese Oriental studies. This series is the inaugural issue, published 18 papers, the time limit from the Qin and Han Dynasty to late Qing Dynasty, modern, content,

  • Brand Chinese

    At a time of global economic integration, brands have become the strategic resource of a country or,

  • The great theme

    This set of books is like Encyclopedia of World Mythology have a style of one's own. Each book technology explore strange story, mysterious ritual, angry God, full of fantasy, as well as the symbol of magical power, they are the core connotation of Chinese culture, but it is often omitted in the history textbooks. These ones here.

  • Mythology: the origin of table manners

    Levi Strauss (Claude Levi - Strauss, 1908 -) holds the "structuralism" the father of an important position in modern western philosophy history. The rise of philosophy of structuralism recognized began in Levi Strauss "wild thinking" (La Pensee sa,

  • Culture of Korea.

    "Culture of Korea" system introduced Korean values and national character, customs, literature and art, history and culture, to the readers of a multi-level, multi angle of Korea, wide coverage of knowledge, and writing in plain, is a relatively rare Korean culture class books. ,

  • Abnormal Bushido

    "Abnormal Bushido: a global perspective of Japan (volume one)" content brief introduction: in today's trendy and popular field of Japanese public opinion is "right" thought. Extreme nationalism and extreme dear American confluence, constitute the main thought undercurrent of political, diplomatic decision-making. Japan is speeding up the break after the second world war,

  • Ancient northern ethnic China and Mongolia nationality clothing

    "The ancient northern nationalities China and Mongolia nationality clothing" one book, introduces the historical process of development and evolution of formation, Mongolia nationality clothing culture. The book is divided into 4 section of the 19 chapter, from the ancient times to the end of the Qing Dynasty, the history representation of clothing culture in different historical periods. This book focuses on the dress culture of Mongolia nationality in Yuan Dynasty,

  • A hundred years of meditation - back in twentieth Century leading the development of human culture

    "One hundred years of meditation" one book reprint also makes the heart emotion, mixed. News is that the author in the book loudly: human should jointly address global issues, to stop the war, poverty, common development, guide the circulation, regulate the financial, education, the establishment of consistent with human morality,

  • The ancient Chinese and foreign cultural exchange history

    The ancient Chinese and foreign cultural exchange history (regular higher education, the fifteen national planning materials), ISBN:9787040190151, author: Wang Xiaofu, Fan Enshi, Ning Yongjuan,

  • Cross cultural interpretation

    Classics and theology of the encounter, this book to the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty to the society of Jesus to the media, study of Chinese and Western cultural exchange since sixteenth Century. The book on the relationship between the Catholic and Confucian scholars, discuss at that time occurred between the "Christ", "age", "Confucian Religion" and "Chinese rites controversy" etc.. The author in the text,

  • Following Matteo Ricci to China

    Italy missionary Matteo Ricci first will Chinese cultural classics "the four books" translated into Latin and introduced into Europe; he was Chinese life 28 years, Chinese, learning Chinese characters, the Confucianism, to fit in with Chinese society; he was Chinese published dozens of Chinese works, one of the most influential "friends" on Express the East and,

  • Sweet country Ji

    Our Chinese Ji, the ancient women's real life, has been in the history of the secret place, their emotions, heart, and individuality in cultural evolution has gradually been bondage, their birth, growth, marriage and Aio Noriko, all of them silently walked in purdah in the course of life, in the book of further off,

  • The invention of the ancient Chinese

    This is the English reader. Mainly introduces the Chinese ancient science and technology invention. Among them, so that the reader can more intuitive understanding of the invention, the book also attached some pictures. This book is for those interested in China culture, foreign friends to read. ,

  • The exotic amorous feelings

    70 of the world's folk broaden one's horizon, "an exotic style: the main contents of the 70 world folk" broaden one's horizon: and in this planet, but have different customs...... "Vientiane new knowledge class series" to young people and students as the main object, and taking into account the different levels and fields of readers, the book illustrations, new materials,,

  • The Mississippi River

    Interpretation of the United States, in less than 300 years, from the corner of the small USA development as a superpower, its achievement is too dazzling. People can not help but ask, how do Americans to create this feat? The Mississippi River basin climate, history, characters and events in the story, may provide a better interpretation of the united,

  • Western European Grand

    Has a long history in Western Europe, living in the vast territory of people of all ethnic groups created a glorious and resplendent civilization, has made an important contribution to human development and social progress. Western civilization is the main part of a long history in the Western civilization, is the history of the world in both ancient and get a kind of persistence development of civilization. ,

  • Inquire about ancient ancestral tour of Central Plains

    The ancient capital of the world, there are four civilizations in human history, Chinese civilization is one of the only, is not interrupted continued civilization. But the essence of it. In the central plains. Such a place, how can not attract people to think, to see? In those days, each day the author excited, every lens,

  • Lao ethnic group theory

    Contemporary Chinese is an open China, open China not only to "friend", to "know", to understand the Chinese outside of the whole world. "China ASEAN Studies Series" is the Chinese provides a window to understand the world is an important part of Southeast asia. "Asia" is a,

  • The ugly Japanese

    This book is after Bai Yang "ugly Chinese" and a masterpiece of our national character analysis of East asia. This is not a catharsis nationalism at work, but a calm description and analysis of the Japanese spirit, culture, life, and social scholars theory. The book writing style, narrative and lively, very be,

  • From the fire which does not extinguish

    Appearance and spirit China culture, we China, history research of unique cultural difficulties mainly reflected in two aspects: one is difficult to determine the object of study, scholars have not yet as it provides a strict area; the two is its related knowledge category too broad, often make people into inexhaustible ancient knowledge of history and is unable to sort out clearing debris,

  • The fire of human civilization

    "The fire of human civilization: World Cultural History" in order of time, show the history of world culture development, historical status, and explain the function of advanced culture and the law of development, mainly discussed the Renaissance, enlightenment, three science and technology revolution. ,

  • Iwasaki Mineko: The Memoirs of a Geisha

    Brief introduction of "true Memoirs of a Geisha": in the East Asian island of Japan has a very special place called venereal street. Here is known as building aesthetic enjoyment fantasy world, because the work here, live with a specially trained female artist community -- a geisha. Venereal Street means "flowers and willow world". ,

  • Flower: Japanese spirit background color moment

    The book is on an aesthetic reading of Japanese culture, the Japanese society "flower", "tea", "Pai", "Bushido" concept as a breakthrough point, discusses the Japanese on the "beauty" of the experience of death, the way many topics. At the same time more awareness from the perspective of cultural history, the,

  • The wind and rain for two hundred years

    Heaven hell battlefield, America seems to be a contradictory state. · · · · ·,

  • Kyushu University

    (2007 autumn), "Kyushu Xuelin (Fall 2007 Volume 5 issue 3) (seventeenth)" the main content is: China Life rely on wind and thunder, cyclones Qi dark the sorrow. I urge the full weight, reducing personnel not to stick to one pattern. "Kyushu Xuelin (Fall 2007 Volume 5 issue 3) (seventeenth)" written by Zheng Peikai. ,

  • Xungenwenzu swim Zhongyuan asked progenitor

    Asked the ancestor, rooted in the Central Plains culture how thick? The Chinese civilization originated in the Central Plains have how long? Rooted in the Chinese ancestral roots Central Plains have much deep? Written records, gave me the historical culture of Central Plains of imagination. However, in this space, what appears to be lacking. Of, should go,

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