• Colorful Africa

    This is a famous journalist and the Africa, he has repeatedly in-depth interview Africa hinterland, traveled to every corner of Africa mystery. This is a famous expert on Africa heart Africa, he pays attention to the survival and development for decades, the Africa, dedicated to non countries promote friendship! This book shows you one and all,

  • Life in ancient Greece

    "Greek life" is a sensible, lively and open up a fresh outlook of the ancient Greek history reader. It is unique in bypass It is quite common for solemn style or lofty tone, to avoid a repeat of the other Greek history book content, no longer blindly projected on the national sight, superstructure, major events and political celebrities who,

  • USA zero distance

    The flag on the 50 white stars, representing the American 50 states, Saji Ayushu called "empire state of the South", "Massachusetts Bay State", Utah, known as "the beehive state"...... To understand the unique cultural USA around each not same? The authors of the book in his USA narrative during the tour information,

  • Travel history

    Travel history, the book is divided the original tour, tribal trip, colonial tour, property tours, spiritual journey. 100 years ago, people mainly take the coach travel, speed is about 8 km; jet today we widely ride, has more than 800 kilometers per hour. Advances in technology have made the world smaller, making the journey,

  • The intersection of Chinese and foreign civilization

    Cross cultural ISBN:9789629370855, editor, author: He Fangchuan,

  • Map of history

    History of maps, "color humanities history" series to press into England Hamlin publishing group of picture book key, new special content, with pictures. With concise words and more than 3000 pieces of beautiful picture concentrates thousands of years of human mental activities and life Vientiane, in the long history of the splendid moment to reproduce the occasion, deduce another,

  • The Amazon River

    Kingdom of life journey, the Amazon River long, big, beautiful, strange, unusual. It twists and turns in the Andean foothills gorge, after the waves in the tropical rain forest, with momentum as the sea, mysterious. It is a treasure house of plant, animal paradise, the earth green lung, is the pride of the Latin American people. This leads to so many original,

  • The fall of Detroit

    "Detroit: the decline of the big three car companies how to lose American home market" author Micheletn Maynard is "New York Times" senior correspondent in Detroit. She interviewed by American numerous domestic and foreign automobile enterprise managers and employees, vivid, first put forward in recent years in Japan and other foreign car company,

  • Tibetan Mastiff

    The Tibetan mastiff dog champion in China even world history, cultural status, role, and anecdotes, stories, prominent. Legend has it that in ancient Rome and Gen Gi Khan are organized to levy Shanzhan thousands of Tibetan mastiff legion. So far, Roth Will, European Bulldog Marsh Tiff Saint Bernard, who also dripping with the blood. ,

  • Study on Chinese and Korean Culture Association

    The Cultural Association and the Kuomintang and the Communist Party Chinese Chinese have contact, but with the close relationship between the main Chinese. Chinese Kuomintang leaders almost always with the association with various forms of contact, the contact for the association played a crucial role in the survival and development of the wartime. The Communist Party of Chinese in weight,

  • Habitat China

    "Living Chinese (English version)" is one of the fashion China series, mainly introduces one of the China -- real estate Chinese society the most hot topic. The book is divided into 5 parts, including: Chinese old buildings, property and dreams, joy and worry, organization -- changes in the family and the changes in the life, city,

  • Prehistoric hero

    "Prehistoric Hero: Celtic mythology" are equipped with color pictures rich, including the holy sites, totem symbol, art and myths. For example, you can see the legend of the Holy Grail in the book, and the American Indian shaman mask. The book also includes a historical overview, map and vocabulary. And the title of the book,

  • Peripheral hole road Liyue civilization - Chinese traditional culture Men at their birth

    "Week hole road Liyue civilization and Chinese traditional culture Men at their birth" content brief introduction: the Duke of Zhou created music, is the human ancestor of the Chinese civilization. After Confucius is Zhou Chi Huaxia civilization into the. Thought the Duke of Zhou Tao and Confucius combination, namely the week hole Road, is the main vein of Huaxia civilization of thousands of years. Peripheral hole road,

  • In eighteenth Century the French in the perspective of Chinese

    "Approach China" cultural translation, read this book, just like in the guide, the exposure to the society in eighteenth Century France and Europe, to the west at that time like a raging fire "Chinese wind", "China tide" cultural context. The author really as great guide a familiarity with Chinese culture and Western culture, he leads us through the year of france,

  • On the origin China culture of five thousand years

    "Into the origin of" Chinese culture of five thousand years, is divided into sixteen chapters, respectively, from the origin of culture, folk culture, academic thoughts, literature, music, art, painting, food culture, national technology, architecture, sports, arts, religion, totem, classic historical aspects, comprehensive and vividly describes the various cultural China,

  • China old stuff mystery

    This book introduces three kinds of old spread so far has a high appreciation and collection value: "old antique curios" -- is the main temple, Chen to for tool value high dignitaries used; "need everyday things, basic necessities of life --" in the ancient daily life practical things,

  • The Slavic

    This book is "one of the world's civilization Gallery" series, from the combination of theory and practice, history and reality, to explore many aspects of Slavic civilization in the broader social and historical background, trying to comprehensively outlines the history and reality of the Slavic civilization. The book is rich in content, with pictures, explain straightaway,,

  • East Asia time

    Comparative study on the age of culture, the book author ten years engaged in the Asian time system and the festival on the part of the paper, is a comprehensive study based on the comparison of cultural position of Chinese ancient years old culture. The book is divided into: a comprehensive study of age, cultural vision of comparative culture in East Asia, the ancient age of Chinese age culture,

  • Embedded adaptive mode

    "Embedded adaptation model: change" Korean Chinese culture and way of life is a film about the evolution of Korean overseas Chinese culture and way of life of the works. By using the method of sociology and anthropology. A collection of background information about overseas Chinese in Korea and microscopic life material. Based on these empirical materials, discussion and review system,

  • An old traveller

    Tracking the occult tradition Jianghu patients...... More than 20 kinds of "an old traveller" about this book, there are two. First, the generation of people, they live in a long gone era, they make a living by selling skill, on the mouth to eat, travel extensively, feel at home wherever one goes, have great experience, rich experience; second, to have disappeared,,

  • A research report on the development of international cultural and Creative Industry Park

    The "international cultural and Creative Industry Park Development Research Report", is the crystallization of culture science and Technology Park CMC group collective wisdom; at the same time, in the implementation process, group also got from the aspects of the support and help. National culture and market department of the Ministry of culture director Comrade Liu Yuzhu is very concerned about the progress of this subject,

  • Samantabhadra and Chinese culture

    It is the special work of Samantabhadra belief first by the center for Buddhist Studies China organization of domestic Buddhism Academy of social sciences researchers and China culture. In the history of our country, Samantabhadra, Manjusri Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha, a Buddism godness Guanyin, such as belief, has a long history, extensive influence, is an important content in China Buddhist culture. ,

  • Vietnam - of mountain and Sea Songs

    Mountain and sea responsory, book concise beautiful words and pictures, starts from the culture background, show the Vietnam geographical environment, history, places of historic interest and scenic beauty, literature and art, customs and other aspects, provide rich information for the reader to understand the beautiful and rich, deep national culture. ,

  • Flesh and stone

    The body and the city in Western civilization, the book is formed from city breakthrough and development and human life from the perspective of the interaction between the offbeat works of cultural history. The traditional historiography research framework, inventive, focusing on the two elements of human body and the city, the evolution of human civilization, the history of human civilization architecture recovery. The Sennett architecture,

  • The history of world civilization (three volumes)

    From the first ancestor of humans began walking upright in Africa prairie, human beings on earth have lived for millions of years. In the long process of development, people around the world to create a brilliant civilization. These brilliant achievements, is the common heritage of mankind. The book illustrated the way in order to speak,

  • Soft power

    Soft power: America film, pop music, TV and fast global rule (plus), Fraser, Liu Mangui et al, the Xinhua Publishing house,

  • Japanese culture 99

    "Japanese culture 99" is divided into nine chapters, 99 projects were introduced, three-dimensional face Japanese culture from literature and art, religion, basic necessities of life, festivals, entertainment, sports and other aspects of content, including ikebana, tea and other traditional culture, but also includes such as Cara OK, video games, cartoon etc.,

  • Knight

    And the songs and War European aristocracy, sheet: 14.25,

  • The Dongba ancient Na khi Kingdom - into the picture of pictograph geisterreich

    Deep in the China Naxi Hengduan Mountains in the arms of the trials of a long journey is a ancient civilization families: Ancient mysterious Dongba, integration of Confucianism and Buddhism, Taoism culture of multi civilization awarded the "world cultural heritage", into the Old Town of Lijiang Naxi classical music and "Yuan Yi Yin" and Taoism music is one of the,

  • Society and culture in contemporary American

    "Contemporary society and culture of American" (Second Edition) (Contemporary American Society and Culture) to America historical evolution as the starting point, it USA national constitution, political system, economic development, education, mass media, work,

  • The lost civilization

    The book on the western frontiers passes, Gucheng sites, Buddhist temple grottoes, alpine lakes, glaciers, rivers, the millennium old trees, thousands of miles of desert has been described, and the Western cultural history were defined, content Silkroad, disaster Dunhuang, Qiuci, wake up the memory of the motherland, the river, these are as,

  • You should know the world cultural knowledge

    You should know the world cultural knowledge, ISBN:9787801757432, author: Meng Han,

  • Life in ancient Egypt

    Ancient, distant, mysterious, fascinating, great...... These are undoubtedly the pronoun of life in ancient Egypt. Although the grand Pyramid group is not the earth buildings, although "immortal Pharaoh's tomb" had already sunk eternal silence, though the monster Steefan Kors terrible looks already flaked off fuzzy unbearable, though,

  • The ancient Chinese outlook on Japan

    Yi surname revolution of ancient Chinese on Japan directory ancient Japan Chinese cultural circle about Yoshino Ri remains historical period of Japan China immigration five kings of Wa and Japanese unified Japan? The ancient Chinese outlook on japan,

  • The perfect red

    "The perfect red" tells the story of the legend of cochineal dye, it was one of the most precious commodity world. Cochineal has been the ancient Mexicans treasure, until sixteenth Century, the dye in the Aztec sold on the market caused by the Spanish conquistadors attention, after being shipped to europe. Carmine,

  • Boshula snowline nation

    Along the Qinghai Tibet Plateau is the majestic towering, east of Qinghai, central Sichuan, Hengduan Mountains, valleys, rivers cutting million, boshula snow, more than 5000 meters above sea level, the area generations living in Tibetan, Monba, Lhoba, Dulong nationality. Because natural conditions harsh, traffic inconvenience, the outside world to know,

  • The world of Homer

    In Europe the history of social culture, the author of the book Pierre Vidal - nace of Greek culture for half a century, he prepared the "Homer world" not only outline the Homer research directions and achievements, to lead the reader into the discussion on academic: such as the war, death and the God Man relation of the epic, and summarizes the,

  • Chinese culture day one

    "Introduction China culture day one question:" self "Shangshu" content, the expression level of "Chinese prose Hwan was almost beginning to Sheng", concrete and vivid. Such as "great" article displays to the Kang Wang enthronement ceremony narrative, quite detailed; hair "golden Teng" article narrates Zhou Gongzhizhi, pathetic; "Pangeng" text persuasive,,

  • Green bamboo.

    Green air, ISBN:9787503840371, author: Peng Zhenhua,

  • Contemporary society and culture of Switzerland

    This book is an overview of the textbook, to Chinese readers, especially learning German, French and Italian, as far as possible profile comprehensive introduction to contemporary Swiss, so the book knowledge and interest in one. This book not only for University Department of foreign languages, especially for German, French and Italian professional,

  • Elegant mental hospital

    Death and life American first-class mental hospital, the author of this book through a large amount of paperwork and in-depth interviews, the master of the Mike -- this was established in early nineteenth Century USA "aristocratic" mental hospital and detailed history -- as the subtitle says, this book is the hospital and once in this life the people of the "life" and "death". Here.

  • Lao Lao customs.

    The book is divided into customs, folk article in the two part, relates to the Lao customs aspects, the existing literature data, and field investigation, the main contents are: "article -- mountains, climate, products, channels, characteristics, evolution, the name of the definition, research, history, capital, capital, the national flag, national emblem,,

  • Cultural and creative industry front

    Cultural texture / cultural creative industry forefront, "Frontier Culture Creative Industry: the famous cultural and creative industries fifteen speech site of cultural texture" selected from the center for the study of cultural and creative industries development Communication University of China orchestrated "talk" series of lectures, invited the cultural and creative industry and related fields, professors, experts and scholars young scholars,,

  • Protection of cultural heritage in China achievement

    "China cultural heritage protection achievements in" comprehensive summing up of our heritage protection work the main content, achievement, the protection of cultural heritage significance, publicity communication and management system and legal construction and the Provincial Bureau of cultural relics (autonomous regions, municipalities, cities specifically designated in the state plan bureau of cultural relics, Hong Kong and Macao Department of administration of cultural relics and special,

  • The symbol of totem pole culture

    "Totem pole culture symbolism" is in the current academic research on the national culture China world relatively weak case, according to the first interpretation of Oriental Culture on symbolic meaning of totem pole. North American Pacific Northwest Coast Indian totem pole culture is an important part of Indian culture. This book to signify a person,

  • The chrysanthemum and the sword

    "The chrysanthemum and the sword" is the recognized outstanding works, although is the pamphlet. Evaluation of it, I am not what qualifications say. We can put it into our lives. I feel be rather baffling from 80 after one day posted on our face, we did not experience the war but from patriotic education -- impression,

  • On 36 issues of Chinese and foreign culture

    This book with understandable words about Chinese culture in a mystery. The book of 36 mysteries exist in Chinese and foreign culture fully described. Book with pictures, explain profound theories in simple language form to carry on the detailed introduction, as far as possible to meet the needs of readers. This book is the 2007 August,

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