• Thinking and decision making

    The third edition, "thinking and decision-making" adopted in 2002 Nobel laureate Kahneman theories and ideas, as well as other economists, psychologists, doctors, government agencies a case study, discusses the factors of human thinking and thinking and decision making. The thinking mode by the culture,

  • Celtic Europe

    The book tells the story of ancient Europe barbarian -- Celtics fascinating history: a new civilization which originated from 900 BC to 600 years ago, since the sixth Century BC began to develop and grow, and gradually expand, spread over much of Europe, until the first Century BC; then, as the Celtics important,

  • History of Japanese culture

    Book is intended to explore the spirit of Japanese culture, showing its abundant aspects, tracing its development history. First of Yamato generated independently in the life practice of religious, academic and artistic achievements, as well as by these results condensed into cultural personality; secondly studied Japanese culture and foreign culture -- specifically,

  • Kyushu Xuelin.2005 summer three 2 period

    (2007 in summer), "Kyushu Xuelin (2007 • summer) (Volume 5 2) (Sixteenth)" the main contents are: paper, Dong Shaoxin Aleni "science" and the coarse the western medicine into China, Hashimoto Takaseung on sea element by "classics" and "meaning old Dai Zhen" s Mencius mzzysz "relationship, Wang Guoqiang" China,

  • The history of the breast

    Physiological human book series, A History of the Breast, this book is America newspaper called rich breast tour history, is full of surprise! As a symbol of female body breast, has a special place in the human imagination. Different historical periods, specific breast meaning will become the mainstream consciousness at that time, we first became the Christian dominated the breast soul nourishing,

  • The origin of modern Japanese Literature

    The origin of modern Japanese literature, "origin" of modern Japanese literature is not a school of literary history books, but the theoretical criticism essay anthology. Published in 1980, has been reprinted 25 times, become the postmodern classics. The author explained the criticism of literary modernity, discusses "scenery", "heart"",

  • America culture Anthology (upper and lower)

    This book is currently the only English and Chinese American culture anthology. Collects, Dewey, Lippmann, Emerson, Toni Morrison's fifty famous articles. Relates to the humanities fields, touch the issues of race, the women's liberation, the generation gap, education, reflects the American culture essence,

  • Chinese Culture Series

    The "Chinese ceramics" (by Chen Jin) is the "Chinese Culture Series" in a series of books. "Chinese ceramics" includes this is a kind of blue and white; tank, why the value price; who discovered the yuan blue and white; many mysteries; Ming - blue and white porcelain climax; imperial porcelain factory to the water how to fry; gorgeous,

  • Chinese Culture Series

    Chinese Culture Series: the Great Wall, ISBN:9787550003712, author: Yang Zong, Wen Zhihong,

  • English style

    In Britain, Henry James's second home. More than a dozen blogs here is the author didn't write in 1888 to 1897 years, he in this work called by some of the British travel writer was one of the great. Shown here is a passionate London portrait, because he delighted in Britain, and most loved,

  • World folk clothes

    "The world folk clothes: exploring the human dress wisdom" the author personally to collect folk songs from around the world, selected the most representative local folk clothing from more than 3000 pieces of folk clothing collected in Huicheng "world folk custom clothing: exploring the human dress wisdom", as the center of a method, with beautiful dress,

  • The world cultural knowledge essence a full - on.

    "World cultural knowledge essence of a (set of 2 volumes)" in accordance with the rich knowledge categories, tells the story of the essence of all kinds of culture, including language, literature, art, architecture, philosophy, religion, education, sports, mathematics, physics, chemistry, medicine, biology, astronomy, geography, meteorology, ring,

  • The Baroque and Rococo

    Baroque and Rococo art style is two eighteenth Century 17 - popular in Europe, the two belong to the noble art. Baroque is a general term for the seventeenth Century European art, originated in Rome, and then rapidly in Italy nationwide popular, and spread to France at that time, Holland and other countries. It is mainly reflected in the,

  • Pyramid sigh

    Is the ancient Egyptian civilization, the ancient Egyptians of the Nile Valley created the great civilization of Egypt, liufang! The ancient Egyptians the most important spiritual life is religion. Concerned about death, for the world to material preparation, is one of the main features of Egyptian religion. Pyramid is a typical representative of Egyptian art of architecture, is the ancient,

  • USA story

    "American Stories (Illustrated Edition)" the writing is vivid, lively, write the things, true to life likeness, many witty remarks, reading to interesting. ,

  • The Holy Land in the dream

    "Dream bloom (Holy Land)" by the prime Mei Ping students: perhaps, every time when the dead of night, there are also some people like me, because present some novel ideas in mind, because during the day to set the plot of a continuation and unable to sleep, or entirely for those coming from the depths of the soul uneasy, instead of looking at,

  • Czech

    Czech, ISBN:9787801903914, author: Chen Guangsi, Jiang Li,

  • The cultural interpretation of dreams

    "On the Cultural Department of dream interpretation" domestic first comprehensive and systematic study of the culture of dreams. The interpretation of dreams. All cases will be the first to see the dream of the one one classified according to the nature, each type choose the typical gives analysis, and analysis of all kinds of dreams and the characteristics and essence of the. Theoretical analysis of both i,

  • Human civilization Tour (upper and lower)

    Standing on a mountain high, with a sincere heart, a broad mind, to communication the extraordinary wisdom, then the universe over mankind from ancient to modern times, amidst the winds of change...... This book is a famous writer Mr. Zhao Xinshan impressed me in his new book "journey" of human civilization. Human civilization in the long,

  • Cultural heritage report

    The theory and practice of world cultural heritage protection movement, this book from the cultural heritage protection history, organization construction, legal construction and the successful experience and other aspects, for the protection of cultural heritage significance, experience method, Britain and the United States, Japan, Korea and other advanced countries, the protection of the UNESCO and the international organizations in nearly 100 years here, a detailed interpretation. These experiences for our understanding of international,

  • Story of Japan

    "Story of Japan" income chunk is not what 藏诸名山, some time later to make, is to talk about Hand-Pulled Noodle instant noodles, said, speak Ninja swordsman, bath soak at Fortune Cat, "month of the wild city", "taketori Monogatari", when ordinary small chronicle. When the "story" is enough word, explain profound theories in simple language, and club foot, to,

  • Europa civilization

    So the "Europa civilization" focuses on the development and evolution of 500 years from 16 to twentieth Century of European civilization, back to its previous ancient and medieval civilization only to be concise and to the point. Since the "Europa civilization" is not the task of writing the history of the emergence and development of European civilization, so that the reader may of European civilization,

  • The lost civilization

    "Lost Civilizations: historians, archaeologists and scientists to explore distant human society" is divided into ten parts the ancestor root, civilization origin, chewing mumbo-jumbo, tomb, tombs, the secret to archaeology, history, heritage cockle, underwater wonders perspective, cultural relics in Jane, to archaeologists, historians,

  • Brilliant, magnificent Maya

    The Magnificent Maya, "lost civilization" volumes show, is the beginning and the early evolution of civilization, is the later people long forgotten, read like adult watch children during the period of the old photos, recall every picture will arouse a confused. This series can be used as the art atlas to appreciate, and also be used in,

  • The jungle mystery

    It says the United States ancient civilization, it is like a mystery "lost" civilization. All its secrets are hidden deep in the mysterious tropical jungle. The Inca, Maya, Aztec and known as the American three big civilization, the Mayan civilization is the ancient. Maya, is located in Central America, from the west coast of Pacific Ocean, extending north to 尤加敦 peninsula,

  • History of civilizations of Central Asia (third volume)

    Meeting of cultures: ad 250 to 750 years, six volumes of the "history of civilizations of Central Asia" is a comprehensive description of the major theme of civilizations of Central Asia's first attempt. The publication of this set of books are coincident with the UNESCO purpose, the organization of a famous international expert group for many years collaboration, has been carried out for basic research, trying to more public introduction in europe,

  • To decipher the ghost world's Secret

    Said the ghost, the ghost and understanding of knowledge and cultural ghost, ghost world "decipher the secret: the main content of the ghost ghost said, and understand the ghost of knowledge and culture" includes: everybody say ghosts, ghosts exactly -- exploring the source, ghosts human kings, underground and Yama, interesting hell hell said; from the filial piety, or for the fear of losing,

  • Shinto and Japanese culture

    Shinto and Japanese culture, the main content of the book includes on Shinto view of nature and environmental protection; Shinto and Japanese view of life; the Kamakura shogunate period of Japanese Shinto Shinto; on the characteristics of the. ,

  • Civilization of reincarnation

    The revival of the new ecological civilization era and the Chinese civilization, "civilization circle: Revival" ecological civilization and the Chinese civilization in the new era is the first to decrypt the secret of Oriental wisdom of human civilization cycle work, work Hing from bipolar human civilization space height interpretation of China's Wei Dafu for the first time. A 20 years ago, books, was born in waiting. The spatial and temporal insight,

  • Mathematics in western culture

    Mathematics in Western Culture, "Mathematics in western culture" is American famous mathematicians, mathematics educators, mathematical historian M Klein a masterpiece. Since 1953 in the USA after publishing, reprinted many times, by the western culture, the mathematical community welcome, its enduring impact. "Mathematics in western culture" systematically expounds different,

  • Cultural strength of world city

    Cultural power of world city, "culture force" world city introduced the soft strength is invisible and intangible power, is the ability to rely on shape and influence others preferred to attract or persuade others to believe and agree to certain norms of behavior, values and institutional arrangements, in accordance with the ability to attract and not forced or bribed means to achieve your desire. With two,

  • India: a wounded civilization

    India: A Wounded Civilization, visit this time, Naipaul put a more complex reason and emotion on the India and India culture. Jian Qiao irony that the analysis and description in the gloomy and sad. The problem of the Millennium ancient one one reveals, in reality the country did not find the regeneration of origin. Naipaul's dilemma is the predicament of India, is also our difficulties,

  • Tattoo history

    This is an anthology. Collect history literature from seventeenth Century to today's world tattoo. Explorers, doctors, journalists, anthropologists, scholar, novelist, crime novelist and tattoo artist, these authors. Each author reflects on the time and place of the view. Therefore. Such as,

  • The common sense of Chinese culture and anecdotes with Q with the investigation

    "Chinese cultural knowledge and anecdotes with Q with the investigation" in order to enable the reader to easy access to many traditional cultural information; collection of important Chinese traditional culture knowledge and loved by the people of the knowledge point, so that readers can in the work and rest, no matter where they can be asked with the investigation, with the fastest the speed of drawing,

  • The trial of Socrates

    The Athens democratic traditions of Western civilization. However it is not always tolerant. Socrates die a martyr that he played the first martyr of western freedom of speech and freedom of thought, but also the envelope times God Goddess and Agora, Athens violates the traditional spirit and the principle of freedom of speech to his own,

  • The scenery

    Duke University, notes, "the scenery: Duke University notes" the main story of "read ten thousand books, traveling thousands of miles", this is the world of scholars. In 2009 May, the author (Chen Shengli) was admitted to the central state organs of cadre of the youth in the seventh batch of the United States training class. In August 10th, the 30 of us students arrived at,

  • The upper reaches of the Yangtze River early civilizations

    As early as in the old stone age, warm and humid climate in Sichuan Basin, there is the human hunting and gathering, the labor interest, has left many rich cultural relics. In the new stone age, cultural relics distribution archaeological discovery of more extensive, is the symbol of the development level of prehistoric culture and improve, then for the upper reaches of the Yangtze River into,

  • America criticism

    The paradox of freedom Empire expanded, after the cold war American neocons "popular, cause a temporary clamour New Empire Theory", to promote the USA launched a new round of expansion in the global, the dream of a "American Pax", become a global empire. "American Criticism -- Paradox" liberal Empire expansion of a book, the historical perspective of reality, the,

  • The classic fable of the most beautiful in the world

    Classic fables of the world's most beautiful, "the classic fable of the most beautiful in the world (premium collection)" brings together Chinese and foreign classic fable, the story of praise in truth, goodness and beauty, to expose the satire of the false, ugly, evil. Let the children understand life in laughter in the true meaning, in the process of growing slowly understood contains philosophy. These can give the children of rich,

  • That day, the monster

    The monster is set, it is one of the most looking forward to a period of. The "monster" in Japan, such as "dead" in the United states. As an important member of the Japanese culture, the monster culture is back from history, and can be divided geographically, monsters and human various parallel life in this mysterious,

  • In the device

    Traditional furniture and Chinese culture, "in the traditional furniture and Chinese culture" one book, the author of Mr. Mi Hongbin in the Chinese traditional culture, especially the book of changes, the Tao of nature understanding, opened a "road" on Chinese traditional furniture mystery to the readers, the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture with the aid of study, furniture, really,

  • The real area: ten scientific debate

    Century Humanities Series, Great Feuds in Science: Ten of the Liveliest Disputes Ever, for a long time, people are too idealistic to science as a great course away from failure. Almost all the textbooks according to the logic relation subject to design framework and organization of the material, which make the students who have no chance to understand scientific theory, scientific thought germination and growth of hardships, in the text under the guidance of the blind,

  • The spirit of Rome

    The spirit of Rome, "Rome spirit" show is Rome writers identified Rome profile. This book is not about the history of Rome, but in Rome show the great writer eyes the appearance, they showed the unique qualities, which makes them different from other ancients. This book highlights Pulao Matus,,

  • Western traditional festivals and culture

    "Western traditional festivals and culture" in chronological order, the year of the western traditional festivals, to reveal the cultural connotation and custom content. From the origin of the festival, the development of history, to today's influence; from the festival celebration, ritual inheritance, spread to the custom, comprehensive, image, intuitive,

  • Celestial fragrance

    Bath is the habit of common people at all times and in all countries, but also have differences, the mood. This book introduces the overseas bathing customs, illustrations, informative, lively, healthy, and is an ideal leisure books. Editors: from Finland to Belgium's SPA bath sauna, from baptism Islam to net,

  • The Mediterranean miracle

    It said that the ancient Greek and Rome, many of the outstanding figures painted a historical picture of surge high and sweep forward, all sites to tell a empire. From the original caves to ancient Greek polis highly developed society, the Greek civilization reached its peak, create advanced culture have a significant impact on future generations. From the,

  • The earth's Carnival

    The European classic collection of Olympic images, first came to the Chinese. Three people chat in the Coffee hall topic. The Olympic Games is a Book of history, is a long hit series, is a very interesting game, is the ideal Party some romantic people, we once, now and future harbour evil intent designs or sad,

  • The Greek spirit

    The Greek spirit, "Hamilton's classical world: Greek spirit" introduces some Greek heyday of the writer, but several other equally outstanding writer but did not mention. As a result, in Greece the most glorious era ideological and artistic achievements, we described the picture is not complete, because some of the most important ideas and art,

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