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Date of publication:2005-1   Press: Wenhui press   Author:(DE) Werner Fult; Shen Xi, Qi Yunyi   Pages:280   Words:195000  

...... So the world is full of fake: Rolex watches, Stella Di Stradivarius violin, stamps, coins, jewelry, Shakespeare and Schiller, A J Lenski, Picasso, Coehlo manuscript painting, statue of Luo Dan, Henie's poetry. Karl May faked his resume, Elizabeth von Foerster - Nietzsche forged his brother Friedrich's letters, Conrad Kuyu forged Hitler diaries. For years Werner Fult collected art, history, scientific and literary forgery, fraud and conspiracy, and introduced the counterfeiters and victim background, anecdotes, shows the amazing insider many have never even heard of it.
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Kulna Fult, born in 1974 in Heidelberg, living in the vicinity of Munich, is a writer and literary critic. He wrote to Walter Benjamin and William Rabe's biography, edited and published Karl August Varnhagen von Byrness. In addition, Fuerte also published anecdotes set "when Kafka also loved woman" (1994) and "Rilke still pick wave file
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