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Date of publication:2006-4   Press: The world knowledge press   Author:Zhou Xingwang   Pages:335   Words:280000  

In four hundred years, Japanese has been put China as the imaginary enemy repeated research, thinking, thinking, strategy of the Japanese invasion of the early designers and not government officials, scholars, but the opposition folk culture. Chinese why can't Japan as the imaginary enemy study? In the countermeasures against the Japanese in 1928 to strengthen the Dai Jitao about in "Japanese" in one book Chinese. China scholars should open our mind to analysis of Japan, especially to study hard national toward Japan, "close the country to international intercourse on the thought" and "Chile (know) the consciousness of the boxer" makes Chinese since modern times. Constantly bullied and beaten, pay the blood price. This book is a work of the Japanese national character from the perspective of culture. The public gambling house, analyzes the reasons, the formation of the Japanese national cohesion of the Japanese national character and psychological characteristics, Japanese Asian policy formation and focus, Japan's national strategy and national state, and the prospect of Sino Japanese relations. The author of this book is castigated the Japanese nation strong logic and savage root, also fully affirmed the forge ahead and strive to strengthen the consciousness, for Chinese, value the overbearing neighbour is the biggest: it is a mirror of its success and failure, gain and loss, all can be Chinese mirror.
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Zhou Xingwang, born in 1972, Hunan Shaodong people, young academics, journalists, writers, graduated from Renmin University of China, a master's degree in journalism, after graduation has been engaged in editing, journalists working in the central news unit, the spare time to engage in cultural, education research and report writing. His major works include "Hunan", "what" mission, "every parent can succeed", has become an annual
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The first chapter and soul -- the Japanese national cohesion analysis of 1 Japanese national rise of the core weapon 2 uniform machines national 3 blind loyalty and obey the 4 tragic complex and disillusionment consciousness 5 big and soul and spirit of Japan 6 Yamato how to condense the second chapter the warrior's path -- Japanese national character analysis of 1 Japanese is Bushido 2 Bushido and killing 3 Bushido and militarism combined 4 of Japanese militarism Bushido become 5 cannot do without the third chapter jungle Philosophy -- Japanese Asia policy analysis of 1 with 2 Home Wu King 3 Japanese social Darwinism 4 Japan, to continue to make the Asian jungle fourth chapter wild tribes -- Japanese national psychology analysis 1 Japanese "flowers of evil" island of 2 wild barbaric 3 no principle of Japanese 4 cannot see a body of Japanese 5 Japanese need to improve the fifth chapter insular -- Japan's national strategy analysis of 11 people competing national 22000 years plan Huawei actively expand North Korea 3 Millennium dream 4 wars in the world 5 normal state = hegemony strategy the 6 throw the helve after the hatchet Island The six chapter offbeat race -- the Japanese national state analysis of identity confusion 11 bats of 22 national rustic 3 ruling party dominated Japan's "iron triangle" of 4 work with quiet hard application "," 5 claustrophobic and crazy Christmas Japanese men 6 Japanese women: the male social lubricant 7 Japanese, still has the vitality of seventh chapter one can't avoid one's enemy -- Japan the prospect analysis postscript: a book with the destiny of a nation Appendix 1: Appendix 2: annotated bibliography
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  •   The teaching objective perspective to analyze the Japanese nationality, the lofty idea, wealth creation, fine grinding mill, the objective reason, people thought...
  •   The Japanese national nature described quite accurately, completely agree with the point in the book. The Chinese should have a sense of crisis Caixing ah!
  •   Why are they so "in-depth understanding of Japanese"
  •   The language does not obscure, easy to understand, and extraordinary literary talent. Analysis of Japan is also very objective, personal love. It is worth to read
  •   Very deep, very good!
  •   Know yourself as well as the enemy of history, understanding, to understand our situation.
  •   Hold it, very heavy feeling, and paper. It is worth a visit
  •   The book is worth reading. And must let the next generation. Really understand Japanese, only know what we lack, family characteristics, we how to guard against the people.
  •   The teacher recommended, for the Japanese nation has a new understanding
  •   Hope Chinese has read this book.
  •   To reference to write thesis, really learned a lot of things
  •   The author also really young ah, good!
  •   Comparison of writing objective is worth a look
  •   Is a good book, abandon prejudice, can Study hard!
  •   Help others to buy, they did not see, is said to classmates very love, finally buy a try by hook to look for sth.

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