Introduction of India culture

Date of publication:2009-9   Press: Lanzhou University press   Author:Mao Shichang   Pages´╝Ü604  

"An introduction to India culture (volume one)" is the first writing in English, with Chinese annotations of the book in India cultural festival.
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Chapter1 The Environment and HistoryChapter2 Religion and WorshipsChapter3 Indian PhilosophyChapter4 Caste System and Social StratificationChapter5 Marriage, Dowry and WidowhoodChapter6 The Gods, Sacred Man and Sacred Things of IndiaChapter7 Indian ArtsChapter8 Language and LiteratureChapter9 Festivals and FairsReference
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Mao Shichang book "Introduction to" India culture as a carrier to English the India culture, from the aspects of detail the shine with great splendor of the ancient civilizations in the world of India's culture, including India's geography and history, religion and worship, India philosophy and social class, caste, marriage, dowry and widow system, to God, saint and the holy worship, India art, India language and literature, as well as the festivals and temple fair. The English language to Chinese flat, detailed notes. The book can be used as a Chinese, English, history, art, religion, folk custom research and other professional students, undergraduate students to learn about the culture of India general course.
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