In the long river of time -- the western culture of 5000 years (, 2)

Date of publication:2002-1-1   Press: Huaxia Publishing House   Author:Max Kruse   Pages´╝Ü721  

Author: Max Kruse (German) translator: Guo Yingjie Max Kruse was born in Germany in 1921 1958 Saale River, engaged in youth literature, besides that he also wrote about Asia, Egypt and Chinese travels. Max Kruse is a member of the international pen, meritorious service medal. Some work to obtain the German youth literature prize nomination, and translated into many languages. Now Max Kruse and his Chinese wife, painter, musician Shao Fang (transliteration) lived in southern Munich.
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In the long river of time: the western culture of 5000 years (on) the first day of the beginning of modern ice age. The earliest city of ancient Egypt the first night Pharaoh's tomb and the Greek god second days of the great ancient Greek sports event democracy second late philosopher and women third days third nights of ancient Rome in Nazareth fourth days of Jesus emperor and ISO religious belief scholastic philosophy and religious literature and music technology and the age of faith, the age of terror chemical into a force fifth days 4 nights social change in Italy's Renaissance papal Rome Copernicus turning point in heaven and on earth great discovery to change after all overturned ideas and inventions the fifth night in the world the economy from the reform to madness and beliefs of Christianity and the church broke midnight postscript in the long river of time: the western culture of 5000 years of @##@ (in Chinese) When that Nicole and her two friends Luo Man, Stephen trolley bus ride, they three people who did not think of, an unbelievable journey begins. On the outskirts of the city. A friendly man volunteered to be their guide. All the hair, wonderful song is difficult to use language to describe. Is a reality or a dream? They saw the formation of the universe: to North Africa, witnessed the first human beings; bathed in brilliant in ancient Egyptian culture...... Three people are: gradually, they realized that, in the long river of time in the process, they felt and experienced its own history -- the western history of human development.
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  •   The book itself without a doubt, translation is also good. Unfortunately, when received housing is damaged, the heart cool part of, or can give five stars.
  •   This book is a continuation of the author's consistent style, very interesting, every night before going to bed to see some, comfortable pole

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