Human folly crazy interest history

Date of publication:2000-1   Press: Lijiang Publishing House   Author:(British) Charles Mackay   Pages´╝Ü668  

This is a very instructive and interesting book, it takes a humorous but heavy style, describes the occurrence of this century in continental Europe sixteen stunning horror saying Mass Deception and the resulting public frenzy. For these stupid and crazy, book and from a historical height analysis and critique of the true reason of these scams and enthusiastic, it is lack of science and truth. It tells us that the struggle between human being and fatuity is long lasting, but a real human liberation and progress, is to always and scientific truth, embrace together.
Author brief introduction

Charles Mackay (1814 -- 1889) was born in Scotland pass. In the birth mother died soon after, his father has his captain in the Royal Navy ship small warships (in France was captured and imprisoned for four years), then in the forty-seventh regiment as ensign, attended the doomed Wahl Heron Island expedition and malaria in there. In 1822, his father, will Charles sent to Woolley Qi and a nanny life. 1828 - 1830 in recent years Brussels educated, he became a journalist and songwriter in london. 1835 - 1844 worked in the "Chronicle" since morning, was named "Glasgow Al Goss (argus) newspaper" editor in chief. The song "happy time" written in 1846 sold four hundred thousand copies. When received a doctorate in literature from University of Glasgow. He is Charles Dickens and Henry Russell, the influential friends. In 1848 moved to London, working in "the Illustrated London News", 1852 was promoted to editor in chief. USA during the civil war served as "times" reporter, but since then, specializes in writing. In addition to human folly "crazy interest history", is best known for its songs and the lowland Scotland dictionary "".
Catalogue of books

1, money mad -- the Mississippi scheme
3, tulip mania, the alchemist -- the stone and life prolonging water seeker
4, chronic poisoning
5, haunted house
6, metropolitan of the universal folly
7, the admiration of the robber
8, President
9, duel with God.
10, the South Sea bubble
11, predicts
12, the fortune telling
14, magnetic hypnotist politics, religion on the hair and beard effect of
16, witchcraft craze, the Crusades
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