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Date of publication:1997-3   Press: Economic Daily Press   Author:Iran Apos Ekber Ostijani   Pages:448   Words:324000  

"General history of Iran" is the first direct from the Persian translation into Chinese of Iran history. Author Apos Ekber Ostijani, a historian of Iran. The translator objectively introduces the Iran historians historiography view, so that the reader can understand his unique perspective China. The book is divided into two parts, the first part since the Islamic period (AD seventh Century) to the Mongols ruled (AD 13, Ji Shi), Chapter 14; second. Since the Mongols ruled supreme Joe Liye Dynasty (1919 AD) a total of 19 chapters.
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Ye Yiliang, 1936, Shanghai. In 1957 graduated from the Department of foreign languages of Fudan University. In 1960 graduated from the Graduate School of Kabul professional Persian language and literature. Since 1964, at the Peking University, the Peking University, director of the Department of Oriental Studies, director of the Institute of Oriental culture. Ye Yilang culture research and China Iran cultural work. Once published "Iran ancient Chinese and friendly exchanges",
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"Integration of eastern culture" editorial committee of "integration of eastern culture" General Preface "general history of Iran" East Chinese edition order the first part of the first chapter of history of Islam, Burstein and Arabia national (a) ancient Arabs (two) pure Arabs (three) amongst the Arabs or the Arabia of Iria Arabs chapter second the rise of Islam in the third chapter the orthodox Khalifa chapter fourth Umayyad family reign of Khalifa into the fifth chapter of Abbas during the reign of Khalifa the second part after the rise of Islam in Iran history the first chapter 塔黑里扬 is moving and Taba cases of Stein's UL Weiyang Dynasty (a) 塔黑里扬 Dynasty (two) Tavares Stan and the Weiyang Dynasty the second chapter of Dia's reign was made in Wheat (a) Abul Hejoch Maldovich Ben Sial (two) and Abu Takhir Vohimkil Ben Sial (three) at Haru Duula Bihsonen Ben Vohimkil (four) Shamsur Maori Cobs Ben Vohimkil (five) and Flaccoll Maori Manuchhel (six). Usilwan Ben Flaccoll Maoridi chapter three cloth Yi Dynasty in the fourth chapter 萨法里扬 Concordia Li Mai Dynasty dynasty the fifth chapter Saman Dynasty the sixth chapter Ghazni Dynasty the seventh chapter of eighth chapter Ghurid Dynasty ninth chapter Searl column the buck and thorns 姆肖 people
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