Happy partners and a time machine

Date of publication:2004-7   Press: Children's Publishing House   Author:Huang Lei prepared   Pages:181  

From the day you dim the record, you Is it right? Often do some strange dream? When I was in kindergarten, you will dream of fairies floated before, ask little wish you with her gentle voice; you will dream of Santa Claus comes suddenly, bring long-awaited gift. When primary school lower grade, sometimes dreams overnight with magic, so hard work can go; sometimes you dreamed of his friends as boundless as the sea and sky, to any place you want to go to play. And just like you, two young friends are always dreaming, they read the Gladiator's story, is about to ancient Rome; read the Archimedes story, just want to go to the ancient Greek, read the story of Pyramid, just want to go to ancient 埃圾; read the idiom story; think back to the ancient Chinese. My dear friends, your heart Is it right? Also exists such a dream? If it is, then, don't hesitate, please follow us happy partners -- Kiki free and clearly turtle, sitting on the magic time machine, go to travel!
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Kiki free mystery of black or white Faro Nar Mai conquest by boat to the Pyramid Condor rule all the land sailing on the Nile River in Pyramid is not made of gold is not called "Pyramid Pyramid" "Sphinx" origin Pyramid is how to build the mining stone also hard. When a return to transport stone moonlight adventures in the East Bank of the Nile have a child frogs wonderful papyrus bustling Theban war eyebrow shaving and sacred cat sacred cats everybody is bald "Hana night" Carnival Wedding Song Book official school math garden game the beauty of the men and women the most hideous of Pharaoh and the most beautiful queen, is a doctor or the wizard visit Mummy Mummy nose tombs Valley workshop that Tomb Raider 40 Pharaoh and say goodbye to "retreat"
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