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Date of publication:2005-8   Press: Guangxi University Press   Author:Israel Abraham   Pages:186   Words:120000  

Israel Abraham, British eminent Hebrew scholars, wrote a lot about Jewish history, literature and social organization of the work. He taught at the University of Cambridge School of church, is the chairman of the British Jewish history, Jewish "editor" of observation.
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The order book publishing happy Hebron tour book comfort medieval hiking fox heart a marriage made in heaven Hebrew Love songs a curiosity for @##@ translation postscript The Jews three words, always reminiscent of wandering and oppression, smart and wisdom. The author of this book will lead us into the more real and concrete Jewish life, he lectures, introduces us to the "happy" story book, wandering priest journey encounter, common to the Jewish concept of marriage and the Hebrew songs characteristics and origin. Reading this book, is a cultural travel, increase knowledge, edify sentiment.
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