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Date of publication:2009年12月   Press: Shanghai ancient books publishing house   Author:Wang Heming   Pages:535  
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Researchers, Wei's; Shen Hu, Han; Pang, Pang also; cloud Kuai, Cheng; Cao, Zhu's; season with, Chu's. Ku bu the princess's son, and all the world: Princess, Tai Shi Jiangyuan, female, Japan's, postpartum millet; Princess' s e, a female, day Jane Dirichlet, deed; princess, Chen Feng's female, Japan's emperor Qing, production Yao; princess, Chi Zi Shi women also, instrument's daily production, Emperor zhi. Emperor Yao married to 散宜's son, that the Queen's. Emperor Shun married Yu Diyao, son of Emperor Yao, that the Empress Dowager Yan's girlfriend. He married in 有莘 Shi, Xin's son, that the female Zhi Shi, the life; Yu married to Tu's, Tu's son, that the female qiaoshi, production and." The above recorded Huang Di's Xuanyuan lineage, including some of the spouse and the throne, and his other collateral relatives, meter 38 men, 13 women, a total of 51 people. As the system of China's ancient ruling group blood relationship "Emperor series article", contains China history with rich information, such as, Ku Zhuanxu, Yao, Shun and Yu, are the children of Huang Di, their imperial sacrifices position, and is the founder of summer, lease is's ancestors, he is an ancestor of Zhou Dai summer, changes, business, Wednesday generation dominion, etc..
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