Following the Arthur king.

Date of publication:2004-09-01   Press: Anhui Education Publishing House   Author:Claudine Glot, Philip Maher painted   Pages:117   Words:55000  

China children lack of world history and the history of human civilization understanding, our overseas students can quickly adapt to the language and living environment, but often can not in-depth, more difficult to integrate professional outside of the local culture, this and they grew up lack of understanding of the world civilization history. Now if the children choose the books you, they would have been its vivid story, fluent, attracted by the beautiful illustrations and rich content, in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and tracks in the easy, Marco Polo, Kolumb deeds, feel the charm of Western myth and religion. Is that adults will be attracted to this book, because the majority of Chinese also need to fill the world civilization history lesson.
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Claudine Glot, forest Boselli Ang de king Arthur Research Center Director, cartoon designed specifically for the young king Arthur related planning exhibition and comic, published works, a variety of King Arthur the Celtic culture in France and abroad.
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The birth of Medieval King Arthur forest Excalibur Medieval King of education responsibility King black palace castle Morgan Medieval Knights of the round table knights women in the name of Lake Lancelot chivalry the Grail taught Mo Reed betrayal war the death of King Arthur, medieval magical legend of King Arthur
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  •   Printing paper slightly rough, but the content is good, the picture is beautiful.
  •   Well, the problem of translation, French translation never learned the UK-US survey...... But the book is really very good!
  •   Our school library has the book, but is looking forward to ah ~

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