Follow the footprints of Aladdin

Date of publication:2004-9-1   Press: Anhui Education Publishing House   Author:Tiyesi Aposiler (Aprile Thierry)   Pages:114   Words:55000  

China children lack of world history and the history of human civilization understanding, our overseas students can quickly adapt to the language and living environment, but often can not in-depth, more difficult to integrate professional outside of the local culture, this and they grew up lack of understanding of the world civilization history. Now if the children choose the books you, they would have been its vivid story, fluent, attracted by the beautiful illustrations and rich content, in ancient Egypt, Rome, Greece and tracks in the easy, Marco Polo, Kolumb deeds, feel the charm of Western myth and religion. Is that adults will be attracted to this book, because the majority of Chinese also need to fill the world civilization history lesson.
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Tiyesi Aposiler, who specializes in oriental culture experts, works as a teacher in middle school, recruiting members also France "college entrance examination".
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Use the ring and the oil drop from the clouds uncle from sunset to sunrise in the Aladdin learning from traditional Arabia city treasure water power active commercial activities fall in love Aladdin ruler image Princess Wedding the wedding of Aladdin and Aladdin's religious holiday wedding palace. His new strategy of Islamic beliefs expose all the pitfalls of Arabia scholars "one thousand one night"
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