Fermat's last theorem

Date of publication:2005-05-01   Press: Shanghai Translation Publishing House.   Author:(British) Simon Singer   Pages:278   Words:221000  

Simon Singh (Simon Singh) was born in Samer Jose Terje, a India Punjab descent, had studied physics at Imperial College London, and received a doctor degree in University of Cambridge in particle physics. BBC television in the "world of tomorrow" work 5 years later, in 1996 for the "Horizon" series CO produced and directed the award winning documentary about Fermat's last theorem.
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The first chapter preface preface "I think I'll end" the second chapter riddle of the third chapter the history of mathematics of the dim page fourth chapter into fifth chapter to the sixth chapter of abstract secret calculation in the seventh chapter a little trouble eighth chapter unified mathematical appendix translation postscript Can Kaowen offered @##@ here Fermat's last theorem is a mystery in seventeenth Century the French mathematician Fermat's legacy. The mystery has attracted numerous and confused the world, stumped many outstanding mathematicians. It was not until 358 years later in 1995, the problem was finally by the British mathematician Andrew Wai conquered Cambridge. That book about seeking Fermat's last theorem describes the history of ancient mathematicians fought to climb this seat mathematical peak, introduced many great hero mathematics kingdom. On the surface, it seems only a mathematical aspects of popular science books, but the author is rather little, the Pythagorean theorem from the ancient Greek speaking, weiweidaolai. Every important concepts, each stage results, the authors about mathematics knowledge opportunity. Book two clues to make knowledge, one is Wiles's growth and progress of the work, a variety of mathematical knowledge associated with Fermat's last theorem. At the same time, various titbits emerge in an endless stream, reading to interesting, very enlightening. This is a book worthy of science lovers and popular science workers to read books.
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User reviews
  •   The original mathematicians have so many stories...... In the exploration of Fermat's last theorem, so many people fought, really not easy!
  •   Author humility, rigorous telling us about an interesting mathematical story.
  •   Never thought, a mathematical problem related stories can write so be struck with fright, people try to stop but cannot.
  •   Especially Wiles published some chapters of this paper, read the feeling with the blockbuster, be struck with fright, ups and downs, very fun. To have a look, will not regret it.
  •   The first serious reading a history of mathematics reading, wonderful!
  •   It is a good book. Read after the original, mathematics realm is so charming.
  •   Such as the title. Fortunately for the electronic version, if you can let me this mathematical natural idiot also feel so of intense interest, is really unbelievable magic. Strongly recommended.
  •   Too good, a popular history of mathematics, inspire enthusiasm for mathematics.
  •   If the child doesn't like math, recommend this book to him. The ups and downs of fascinating, behind a proposition that there are so many stories!
  •   Too much love, could not help articles, bought a lot of the gift, and finally his hand a No. Online selling is broken, we hope to enter book.
  •   Always fear the number I read hastily and without thinking, have finished the book, didn't understand how this theorem what happened: P but perseverance and wisdom which many scientists, let me register profound respect to
  •   Such a good book will be out of print, I * * * *...
  •   The whole number theory with popular language, advanced mathematics with the flat of the words, love math person or no understanding of mathematics who should read this book. After reading this book, you can see better than a lot of books.
  •   What are the goods????? Were watching before e-books, this book is in any case must start!!!!
  •   See, you'll like mathematics!
  •   The title is Fermat's last theorem, but this book is actually a simple description of the history of mathematics, reading this book can clearly know that mathematics is how to return a responsibility. But the author the writing is vivid, the translation quality is also good, is strongly recommended
  •   The benefits of this popular science books is the biggest almost no mathematical formula for want of understanding mathematics anecdotal people can read
  •   A reader as before, I also read the book ten years ago, but at that time my child is still small, still can not read with me; now, when introduced to him.
  •   This book I was 10 years ago and primary school son read together, left a deep impact, also makes the son had a great interest in Mathematics
  •   It is the little book, I received the notice came to see, find, and then bought, immediately show a shortage. The book is a very good book, story, but also can learn some classical problems of mathematics, very good!

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