Extreme cold life

Date of publication:2004-5   Press: Shanghai Popular Science Press   Author:Gu Jiacheng He Jianfeng   Pages:179   Words:140000  

Yan Qide, male, born in August, 1940, Chongqing, Chinese polar research center. In 1965 July, graduated from the Chengdu University of Technology Department of earth physics exploration. From 1965 to 1980. In scientific research of marine earth in the second Oceanography research.
in 1981 has been engaged in the South Pole scientific investigation and research work. Has been six times to the north and South Pole investigation successively;
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A, colorful 1 Antarctic Antarctic biological 2 Southern Ocean food chain two, a penguin Story 1 penguins discovered historical and evolutionary hypothesis 12 penguin species distribution "3 Antarctic penguin 4 Antarctic penguin why not afraid of cold? Why no penguins habits 5 Antarctic penguin 6 emperor penguin reproductive 7 penguins" language "8 North Leigh scientist? 9 how to study the penguin 10 Penguin: three, feeding on birds legend 1 Antarctic petrel 2 Antarctic albatross 3 skuas 4 bird life four, heroic seal 1 Antarctic seals to know how much? 2 Chinese expedition color life habits of 3 seals family value and doom 4 artificial feeding baby seal five, singing whales 1 whales 2 whale 3 whale reproductive 4 performing artists of 5 Dutch act puzzle 6 bloody battle -- one whale related to the history of the 7 Protection -- cod have had to say on the topic six, world protein library 1 Antarctic krill 2 Antarctic 3 fish antifreeze mechanism 4 is not afraid of cold seven, another eight, the long road @##@ Antarctic This is a mankind has magical fantasy dream. Enough to freeze the soul of cold, with snow and ice, the survival of billions of years of glacier, the coastline gentlemanly standing penguin, COD live beneath the ice water, splendid auroras and long and intolerable night...... Passing of night, the snow and ice, mystery, a, was gradually opened in the last two centuries. It is found that, the human history of geographical discovery of the most magnificent, the most dangerous, the most glorious chapter. Scientific discovery of the Antarctic continent, with human survival and development is closely related to. In the global climate, ecological environment, resources utilization and the future of mankind and other major issues, with irresistible force strongly affects the civilized world. If the human early Antarctic expedition more performance for the brave, never yield in spite of reverses the spirit, drive their beliefs are limited to the unknown continent curiosity and desire to conquer, so today, dotted with the polar research station, shoulder is opened the white world, the mysteries of human survival green the world more harmonious and the beautiful holy and lofty mission. The Antarctic is no longer distant, is no longer a few explorers with great care to touch the mystery, also no longer is one of the few countries compete. It has become a common topic of concern and attention of all mankind. Especially in the February 20, 1985 morning 10 when, the first China Antarctic Research Station in Great Wall Railway Station "King George island is completed, Chinese people interested in the Antarctic is an all-time high......
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