Excellence and confused.

Date of publication:2005-3   Press: Southwest Jiao Tong University press   Author:Hua Shaoxiang   Pages:195   Words:166000  

Each nation, each time all have their own glory and the dream, the noble and the pursuit of excellence, even to the world, dominating the world, from ancient to modern times, admit of no exception whatsoever. Then there is hatred and strife, violence and killing. Said the king make the welkin ring Carol and oppressed people of interest and wail As one falls. However, the noise will eventually silence in the eternal silence time, front like a distant waterfall, although there are waterfalls three thousand as grand, but because the time and the distance barrier, make it difficult to feel their existence and spectacular. Reproduction of these existing and spectacular, it is the purpose of writing this book. This book by the review of the history of Europe and some important events and important figures who have subsided again in Europe, the mighty storm, and the great historical figures who have to dust. Let us approach the distant waterfall, in the surging waves, the deafen the ear with its roar noisy, again for a huge time interval and we live in Asia, the European high effort long gone era, brave hope, persistent faith and great glory, as well as their painful failure, helpless despair, painful lost and sad helpless. Of course, all of this in our time response.
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Less Xiang, born in 1958 in chengdu. In 1983 graduated from the German Department of Shanghai International Studies University, received a master's degree in the Department of linguistics Ruhr University in 1995, 1998 in Humboldt University Berlin philosophy three Department of cultural science ph.d.. Currently teaching at the school of foreign languages of Southwest Jiao Tong University.
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The first chapter renaissance renaissance history soil two the birthplace of the Renaissance -- Italy three Renaissance four Renaissance art and social life in the second chapter the reformation background two Luther's early life and religious reform in four of three Lutheran Lutheran Reformation consequences -- thirty years war five Lutheran with the German national characteristics of six Protestant work ethics in Chapter third, the court of Louis Xiv and European despotism of the cultural heritage of the Louis Xiv era two French court life and cultural significance of three four 18 Baroque art in Europe in nineteenth Century, several aspects of everyday life the fourth chapter rational era enlightenment movement of Rousseau and Kant's enlightenment, two -- two a representative of three many enlightenment thinkers China view fifth chapter violent storms Dynasty a French Revolution, the French Revolution of two characters sixth chapter technology change the world the coming of the industrial revolution the two industrial revolution three second industrial revolution in the early days of the industrial revolution of the four social consequences in Europe in the late nineteenth Century five The progress of the society in Chapter seventh, the rise of European nationalism in Europe, the rise of national consciousness two nationalist three Fichte told the German nation "compatriots" four Prussian history five Prussian reform road six unification of Germany Road eighth chapter European Jewish civilization and anti Semitism a Jewish two Jews and nineteenth Century German historical development in three of the Jewish settlements Germany Road four Jewish question new content -- Modern anti Semitism in Chapter ninth, the smoke of the first World War in Europe, a two science and technology, culture and the development of the three world war second chapter tenth European division and unification of the European new pattern two the disintegration of the Soviet Union in three European integration the significance of the four challenges facing the EU reference
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